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Zheshang Magazine Interview with Qing Song Chairman Cheng Songliang, Leading the New Retail Trend of

"With the rapid development of the economy, the continuous advancement of the Internet technology, and the upgrading of consumer attitudes, the traditional car sales model has been difficult to meet people's requirements and expectations for buying a car. The auto industry is moving toward a new retail era. In recent days, Zheshang Magazine, one of the largest and most influential high-end financial magazines in China, published an exclusive interview titled “Cheng Songliang: Make Selling Cars Simple”. The exclusive interview not only introduced Qingyi. Mr. Cheng Songliang, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., gave an outlook on the new retail prospects of the car and elaborated in detail the business model and development plan of Qingyi Technology and its subsidiary Limax.

The article describes the problems and challenges that the automotive industry may encounter in its current and future development. With the development of the times and the economy, the Internet has brought new opportunities to the automotive industry. At the same time, the high down payment and slow-paced car purchase mode has not been in line with the future development of car sales. How to provide users with new ways to buy cars, in the interview, Cheng Songliang brought us a refreshing solution.

In order to welcome the advent of the golden era of China's auto industry, Cheng Songliang said that the automobile sales model should adapt to the trend of the times, use the Internet's technology and data, link online operations and offline experience to reconstruct the automobile consumption relationship, and create for the user value. At the same time, it closely integrates with the background of the Internet and provides services through the development of new technologies and the optimization of user experience. It avoids the difficulties in collecting user data of traditional entity sales companies, and the shortcomings of missing data, inaccurate positioning, and difficulty in having flexible marketing programs.

Since its establishment, Qingyi has announced a number of strategic development initiatives. The first was the establishment of a new automobile retail platform - Lima U-car at the end of last year. As a new auto retail and financial platform focused on new car rental services, Lima UCAR enters the new car segment with a finance lease model, and solves the problem of high barriers to purchase through the “buying and purchasing” method. At the same time, Youma Youyou has opened up various links under the online and offline links to provide customers with a variety of flexible vehicle purchase programs and financial products, bringing with them a brand-new way to purchase cars and making the car purchase process more efficient and convenient. Thanks to the customer's needs, Lima Motors has created a flexible and stress-free environment for car purchases, which has greatly reduced the burden on users to purchase cars.

Building an ecological closed-loop for the automotive industry is another important strategic plan for Qingyi. The ecological circle is the future development trend of the automotive industry. Qing Lan has also made practical considerations and explorations in this regard. For Qingyi, building a bridge between a car company and consumers through the company's vehicles will become an important part of the ecosystem. Currently, Qingyi is building an ecosystem that integrates related groups such as auto finance, auto sales channels, auto service providers, and individual consumers to provide one-stop personalized auto services to car owners, making auto trading more efficient and convenient. The formation of the ecosystem can greatly help the platform's users and businesses, making it easier to buy cars and other services.

China's auto industry is ushering in a decade of gold development. An interview with Chairman of the “Zhejiang” magazine on Chairman Cheng Songliang shows that all walks of life have paid close attention to the auto industry and are optimistic about it. Cheng Songliang, who has been working hard for the automotive industry for many years, led the young man in search of the future glory of the industry with innovative ideas. This also gives us reason to believe that, after in-depth exploration and landing practices, Qingyi’s innovations for the future will certainly lay a solid foundation for the upgrading of the auto industry and the development of ideas, and will lead to better and faster development.