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2015 Volkswagen Golf 1.8T TSI Automatic

"The Volkswagen Golf ranks up there with the Toyota Corolla and Ford’s F-series as one of the top-selling nameplates of all time, but you probably see a lot more Corollas and F-150s dotting the American landscape. That’s because the little Volkswagen has racked up most of its sales in Europe, the citizens of which appreciate the car’s polish and sophistication, attributes that Americans have only recently started warming to in compact cars. A new Golf arrived for 2015, and VW is hoping it will make a real play at American customers more concerned with price and fuel economy than Audi-like solidity and comfort at triple-digit speeds.

To make the seventh-generation Golf more palatable to American and European consumers alike, Volkswagen stripped out some weight, replaced the previous model’s standard 2.5-liter five-cylinder lump with a fresh four-cylinder turbo, and beefed up the hatchback’s list of driver-assistance features. Oh, and to keep costs down, VW is building North American Golf models in Mexico. The car’s 10 Best award this year proves that assimilation didn’t require severance from what made it so great before.

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