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Mercedes-Benz R-class Tibetan version of listed


Mercedes-Benz R-class Tibetan version of listed

Mercedes-Benz announced Mercedes-Benz R-class new models of the price, the listing is R-level Zhen possession version, a total of three models, the price range of 59.8 million -788,000 yuan, the specific price see table.

Mercedes-Benz R-class new models to guide the price

Model price (million)

R 320 4MATIC Business Edition

R 320 4MATIC luxury type Tibetan version 68.8

R 400 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz cash R grade

Appearance, the new car is expected to continue the previous shape, configuration, the new standard with a panoramic sliding skylight, heated windshield glass cleaning system, dark insulation glass, xenon headlamps, multi-zone intelligent air conditioning, front heating Type seat, parking system, reversing images, cruise control, air suspension, electric tailgate and other configurations.

The new three models, the low with the business type with seven layout. And the high with the two is 6 layout, and equipped with AMG sports steering wheel, comfortable front row / second row seat headrest, the second row of seat heating, blind spot assistance, the top with a keyless start system The

Power, R 320 equipped with 3.0T low-power engine, the maximum power of 200kW, peak torque of 400Nm. R 400 models equipped with 3.0T high-power engine, the maximum power245kW,Peak Torque 480Nm. Transmission, the three models are matching the 7 block hand.