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China International Forum on Automotive Technology Development held in Kunming

Yesterday, the 2018 China Automotive Technology Development (Kunming) International Forum was held. Experts and scholars from the automotive industry at home and abroad gathered in Kunqi to discuss the development and innovation of the automotive industry.

Vice Governor Dong Hua, Chief Engineer of the National Certification and Accreditation Regulatory Commission Bo Haomin, Chairman of the China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., Party Secretary and General Manager Yu Kai attended the forum and delivered speeches.

Wang Xiliang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor of the city, made a keynote speech titled "Kunming Building a Regional International Center for Urban Industry Dreams". Wang Xiliang said that the SAIC Center's selection of the auto industry event in Kunming is a long-term support for the development of the automotive industry in Kunming and will further accelerate the development of the automotive industry in Kunming and even Yunnan. In recent years, Kunming has insisted on the development of the automotive industry, especially the new energy industry, as the top priority of the city’s industrial development. It has introduced a series of industrial support policies and gradually established a new energy automobile industry chain with a backbone enterprise as its core. A breakthrough has been made. Up to now, new energy automobile projects such as Beiqi, Wulong and Jiangling have landed in the city. It is estimated that by 2020, the city's automobile production capacity will reach 1 million, and Kunming's “car dream” is becoming a reality.

Wang Xiliang stated that with the advancement of the “Belt and Road” initiative, Kunming’s location advantage has become increasingly prominent and it is gradually turning from a traffic hub into a traffic hub, from an open end to an open frontier, and from the edge of the market to a market center. As a large province of green energy, Yunnan has abundant hydropower resources and can provide abundant and cheap clean energy for the development and application of new energy automotive industry. Nickel and cobalt mineral resources can provide sufficient raw materials for the production of new energy batteries. In the near future, Kunming will also study the introduction of the “Electric Kunming” program, which will encourage and support Kunming citizens to actively purchase and use new energy vehicles and protect the blue sky and white clouds of Kunming through the arrangement and improvement of charging facilities and subsidies for electricity prices. The development of new energy vehicles in Kunming is justified and promising.

“We have the confidence to protect Kunming Blue and have the determination to develop 'Electric Kunming'.” Wang Xiliang said that Kunming is currently working hard to build a healthy city in China and hopes that participating entrepreneurs will pay attention to Kunming, Kunming, and Kunming. The municipal party committee and the municipal government will provide entrepreneurs with the best environment and market with more open policies, more favorable initiatives, and more innovative systems, so as to achieve mutual benefits and mutual benefits.

The China Automotive Technology Development (Kunming) International Forum is sponsored by China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., China Automotive Engineering Society, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, and the People's Government of Kunming, and has long settled in Kunming. The forum is organized to meet the needs of the development of the automotive industry, promote the technological innovation and integrated development of automotive inspection, inspection and certification, build an internationally renowned automotive technology brand, explore the international market, and provide technical support for the Chinese automotive industry to go global. The Forum attracted a total of nearly 800 domestic and foreign guests from domestic and foreign government departments, representatives of global auto parts and components manufacturing companies, representatives of automotive certification and testing organizations, industry leading experts and scholars.