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Hybrid vehicle technology continues to mature

On June 27th, “2018 Foshan Hybrid Electric Vehicle Industry Development Summit” was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province to discuss the role and contribution of hybrid power in the field of energy conservation and new energy vehicles, and to study how to build a hybrid power industry chain with independent intellectual property rights in China and accelerate the promotion. China's own brand hybrid industry and enhance its international competitiveness.

“The gradual transition of traditional power technology to new energy is a major trend. In this process, hybrid power can provide a good transition for new energy technology development and become an important part of energy-saving technology.” Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Said in the speech.

As an important part of the new energy automobile industry, hybrid vehicle technology continues to mature and its industry competitiveness continues to increase. Under the guidance of a series of macro policies, China's auto industry is undergoing profound changes. Fu Yuwu, honorary chairman of the China Automotive Engineering Society, and participants shared how to look at the development of the automotive industry in the new situation. "Hybrid technology is a technology that is very important for passenger vehicles and natural gas technology for commercial vehicles. In terms of electric vehicle development, the three technical routes of hybrid technology, pure electric drive and fuel cell must be adhered to." Fu Yuwu said.

On the morning of June 27th, the launching ceremony of the launch of the CHS project of Keliyuan Company was held at the Foshan base, marking the official start of an industrial cluster of agglomerated auto parts suppliers, vehicle companies and auto service industries. The total investment of the Foshan plant with a total investment of about 10 billion yuan is 1 million sets/set capacity. The production capacity is 100,000 units/set. The project is put into production and is expected to drive the domestic independent hybrid automobile industry chain from raw materials. The rapid development of batteries and power systems to the entire vehicle has played a leading role.

The data shows that in 2017, the domestic automobile market completed the annual production and sales of 29.02 million and 28.88 million, respectively, with a growth rate of 3.2% and 3%, respectively, the lowest in the calendar year. However, new energy vehicles produced 790,000 vehicles last year and sold 780,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 53%. Among these models, the sales of pure electric vehicles accounted for 84%. It is understood that the statistics of new energy vehicles do not include ordinary hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles saw a rapid increase in exports last year, reaching 891,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 25.8%, which is gradually picking up.

"As can be seen from these data, China's auto market has entered a stage of steady growth at a low speed, and competition is intensifying. This is a new normal. As the first car-producing country, we must transform and upgrade, and realize the big Strong." Shi Jianhua said.

Su Ling, the general manager of Changan New Energy Automobile Co., believes that from the perspective of the market and users, the next round of car development is to satisfy the user's emotional experience. According to the plan, Changan will complete the construction of three new special energy platforms by 2020, and will stop selling traditional fuel vehicles by 2025, and develop into hybrid, pure electric and fuel cells.