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China's new energy vehicle development and the development of global new energy vehicles are clo

Tencent car www.cardvd-wholesale.com 2018-10-22 15:11:26
The development of new energy vehicles in China has always been closely integrated with the development of new energy vehicles around the world. It has always been integrated into the general trend of global development, and it has also played a leading role. From the perspective of multilateral cooperation, we held the International Clean Energy Ministers Meeting last year. More than 20 countries, equivalent to all G20 countries, are here to discuss the transformation of clean energy. Among them, electric vehicles are an important direction. The proposed goal of the 2030 struggle is to say that by 2030, 30% of the cars should be new energy vehicles, and plans for the development direction of each country are also formulated. The GEF project is moving forward with the cooperation of all countries. China is also actively involved in GEF's fuel vehicles, new energy project vehicles, and integrated applications for global environmental projects. In bilateral cooperation, China and Germany initiated the establishment of a Sino-German Electric Vehicle Joint Center. In the direction of planning strategy and demonstration, the peer-to-peer cooperation between the two countries has also undergone great changes. For example, Sino-US clean energy, in the Sino-US Clean Automobile Alliance, has carried out many years of cooperation, and the electric vehicle research center, joint research and development. Driven by fuel cells, power batteries, and valleys to form a 2+2 mode.

Cooperation should also be implemented in production, and encourage enterprises to establish joint ventures with Chinese companies to develop cars together. New energy vehicles are also the goal of our common development. In particular, our power battery, motor and battery materials have gradually integrated into the world's international new energy vehicle parts supply network, becoming an important supplier in the world.

Our next step is to focus on promoting the openness and innovation of new energy vehicles. The new energy vehicle is a major national science and technology project, and it is itself a major measure for reform. Over the past 20 years, in the technical research and marketing, a number of major and bilateral major scientific and technological projects have been implemented, and a wealth of international cooperation experience has been accumulated, creating a new model of cooperation between industry, academia and research. China’s new energy vehicles and components have entered In dozens of countries, the products of new energy vehicles in various countries are also active in the Chinese market. They are also supported by the government and welcomed by the public. China has become an important force in the innovation and development of new energy vehicles, and has played an important role in supporting and leading. effect.