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Imported 2018 BMW X5 car Comfort SUV

Tencent car www.cardvd-wholesale.com 2018-10-19 11:45:59
The 18 BMW X5 stylish and tough styles areadvancing with the times, and the newly equipped 8-speed automatic manualtransmission is not only the most efficient model in the same class, but someof the body is made of aviation material, which is not lighter. Less, doing alot of credit for economic efficiency. The X5 with the M-Series performance kitis more sporty and aggressive. The front grille of the BMW X5 new car is moreobvious, more slender, and integrated with the headlights.

The appearance of the 18 BMW X5 is stillthe iconic style of BMW. The grille shape is familiar and can no longer befamiliar, but the overall shape is still very domineering, very consistent withthe current trend. However, the fly in the ointment is that the car is ahigh-end SUV of the BMW series. Even if it is the lowest equipped, there is nostandard LED headlight. The original model uses Xenon headlights. If you wantLED headlights, you need to add money. Optional. However, the lightingauxiliary system such as LED daytime running light, headlight cleaning system,automatic headlights, height adjustable, etc. are all standard equipment, whichis more tangled, and the matching is equipped, if If you match a LED headlightdirectly, that would be great.

The shape of the 18 BMW X5 side has notchanged too much. The rearview mirror has electric folding and memory function.The roof rack is also the original standard. The bottom is still thetraditional BMW rim design, 19 inches. The rim, the width of 255, this size isstill very ok. However, the car has a one-button start and no keyless entry.

The configuration of the 18 BMW X5interiors is still very good. First of all, the four-door windows support one-buttonlifting. The steering wheel is also electrically adjustable. In addition, it isequipped with a full LCD instrument panel. The central control area is equippedwith a 10.3-inch central control touch screen, equipped with the latest BMWintelligent iDrive system, in addition to the automatic partition airconditioning, front seat heating function, but no ventilation, if this functionis required Need to spend money on the optional, the following control buttonslike electronic hand brakes, select driving mode, etc. are available.

The 18 BMW X5s also have fixed-speedcruises, front and rear radar monitoring, and tire pressure monitoring. Thesefeatures are also available. The roof also has a panoramic sunroof. In fact, asan entry-level model of the BMW X5, this configuration is still Fully OK,basically the most commonly used functions in daily life are basicallyavailable, and some other auxiliary functions can also be optional. This isstill very praiseworthy.

As for the 18 BMW X5 power, it has alreadybeen mentioned. As a city SUV, 245 horsepower, 350 Nm of power can basicallymeet any city commute, and as a main family SUV. It is sure that there is acertain degree of comfort in terms of comfort. The 4909/1938/1772mm body sizeand the 2933mm wheelbase are also very comfortable in terms of seating space.