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A clear distinction with black cars carpool opinions will be introduced

  • Author:OF
  • Source:www.cardvd-wholesale.com
  • Release on:2013-08-15

Recently, the Beijing municipal traffic committee website """"green travel unimpeded Beijing ""September slow pluggingspecial action program"", to encourage private car ride has been incorporated into the slow plugging specific measures.The traffic department is expected to introduce years private car ride together by agreement and the official version of the""guidance"". Analysis of the industry, by the agreement will make public carpool with black car passenger to distinguish.

Guidance on the private car car has been brewing for a long time, is currently soliciting opinions from all sides. Views on distinguishing public welfare by encouraging, and black carpassenger and to carpool cost sharing etc..

It is understood, at present car carpooling phenomenon,study and formulate the passenger guidance carpool has been incorporated into the Beijing city traffic Paidu Paul Cheong tenth stage (2013) programme of work. ""In September, easing congestion scheme"" of the ""policy"" partputs forward ""encourage ridesharing, reduce the amount of private car travel"". Specific approach is introduced to encourage and regulate the minibus ride guidance,encourage relatively fixed travel routes, by signing a carpoolprotocol, in precondition of ensuring the driving safety of thespecification and the carpool, reducing car travel amount.

Beijing traffic appoint express opinions, planned for this year,authorities encouraged by, but the vehicle never to take thename of the illegal operation of the soft, will be dealt with according to law.

 corrosion blocking solution measures

 quasi open, optimization and adjustment of 7 bus routes,strengthen the ground transit and rail transit transfer,increase community commuter express buses, shuttle bus,bus line customization microcirculation, increase the frequency of departure, increasing transport capacity.

 the two levels of Party and government organs and state-owned enterprises and institutions to choose not to focus on working days in September to arrange conferences andactivities, the general meeting to take television and telephone conference and network video conference was held, to reduce traffic pressure.

The prediction of traffic congestion key working day and night peak rainfall and other special weather, work can adopt flexible working time.

 Chaoyang Road (to the city of Victoria Sanhuan) ""tide lane""transformation to September 15 recently completed and openoperation.

 will focus on the illegal acts of foreign license of motor vehicle and freight vehicles and.

We will speed up the taxi booking platform construction of the unified, and strive to put into use before the end of 8.


CPPCC member preferably signed a long-term agreement

To fight in a dilemma between efficiency and safety. The benefit is the travel efficiency is improved, but the problem of security is to be solved. Beijing city CPPCC member Zhu Liang thinks, two fight the common, a government led promotion of public car, one is individual protocol carpooling.These two forms are the existence of security risks and responsibilities. If the government introduced by the protocol,should pay attention to the agreement. In addition, cannotexist in the form of mandatory constraints, otherwise it will affect the user's enthusiasm, is not conducive to thepromotion of car. It is best to sign a long-term agreement with the same starting point based carpool population.

The legal profession should be the only guidance agreement

Qiu Baochang, director of the rights and interests of consumers of Legal Affairs Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association, carpooling can be energy-saving emission reduction can reduce vehicle use, should be vigorously promoted. But the problem is difficult to distinguish the illegaloperation.

The official launch by agreement, establish a relationship between transport, and can clearly not the profit relationship.Thus, in the current policy can be distinguished from ""illegaloperation"". The official launch of the pooling agreementshould only be a demonstration, guiding the agreement, notin force. Only the uniform agreement text