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The annual output of 450000 sets of popular new EA888 engine plant put into operation

OF 2013-08-16 11:42:44

In August 16th, Volkswagen FAW engine (Dalian) Co. LtdChangchun Branch completion ceremony held in changchun.This project invests 2500000000 yuan, after the completion of the first stage of the EA888 series 300000 engines, twobuilt can increase to 450000 units / year.

Volkswagen FAW engine (Dalian) Co. Ltd Changchun Branch is located in Industrial Development Zone of Changchunautomobile power assembly of Industrial Park, theVolkswagen FAW engine (Dalian) Investment Limited company, for the production of Volkswagen Audi companyresearch and development of EA888 turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine. As far as we know, FAW Volkswagennew engine plant will also produce second generation and the third generation EA888 engine, can achieve the flexible production.

Volkswagen's EA888 engines currently has 1.8TSI and 2.0TSItwo engines, the engine with turbocharger, cylinder direct injection, variable intake manifold panels and the inlet camshaft adjusting device of continuous technology etc.. The 1.8TSI engine maximum power output of 160 horsepower,peak torque of 250N · M. 2.0TSI engine, maximum poweroutput of 200 horsepower, peak torque of 280N · M. This engine is used in the Volkswagen Group under the new MAGOTAN, new Passat, the Tiguan, Hao Rui familiar models.

At present, Volkswagen FAW engine (Dalian) Co. Ltd. Dalianplant also in the production of EA888 engine, the total projectprogramme with an annual output of 300000 engine. FutureChangchun Branch after put into production, will further enhance the public in China power reserve.