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5 strokes - to teach you how to prevent a liar and refused deceived.


5 strokes - to teach you how to prevent a liar, refusing deceived.

Recently we have old business customers is reflected in other ways choose to buy other products, when taken in, leads to mental and property damage. In order to prevent our customers avoid fraud liar, here editor collected eight strokes before purchasing for more effective anti-cheating practices.

1. Please choose for the formal official purchase products and try to select the year relatively long platform.

Here editor recommended Alibaba platform and AliExpress Platform: Of course, in this case can not prevent but there are someone make a profit in trouble situation, so everyone please buy relatively long time to select the year as far as possible, the best platform for more than five years. Because, there are complaints from Alibaba platform, we are not allowed crooks platform for too long time to survive. If yes please select AliExpress compare to buy records and evaluation of AliExpress platform.

Shenzhen Lsqstar Electronic Co., Ltd. has been established for 10 years and we are also Alibaba oldest has seven years of history, please rest assured purchase.



2. Please try to read the background information on the company, the priority option to purchase the firm has its own domain.

This is the second to test sequencing, generally liar in order to save costs will rarely edit one of their own corporate website alone, regular companies for their own brands usually have their own separate domain, in which editor recommended , everyone in the choice of the same a product when you can compare different whether the enterprise has its own independent website and more the secondary site number, because a liar can only fooled you sometimes but not long-term fraud, justice has finally been deceiving people reported was eventually found in prison.

Shenzhen Lsqstar Electronic Co., Ltd. of the old domain has nearly 10 years of history.


Recently as demand for new construction a more complete new website.


3. Before placing orders, please call the number identified and recommended to the  customers to the business telephone for further consultation.

This is very suitable for the first purchase, only the amount of relatively large orders, in fact, the regular business of the company are very good communication, as long as you want to know they will answer for you, just regular companies have accumulated a lot of customer resources,  in customers’ permitting and other customer communications consulting  (recommended 2-5 customers from different countries to communicate)

Shenzhen Lsqstar Electronic Co., Ltd. has been established for 10 years and numerous customers to maintain good communication, welcome to inquire.






4. Sending personnel or friends to visit the company's address and the site.

Formal business has its own office and production site, a lot of customers are cheated thought the other written address is real, but often many liar caught that psychology and making a false address and let everyone deceived. Here editor suggest that you buy before you entrust friends in China, or freight forwarding, as well as establish a good long-term business relationship help to change the address specified by the company visit.

Big business and corporate liked clients to visit, welcome customers to Shenzhen Lsqstar Electronic Co., Ltd. tour to visit:

Office address: 1105-1106, HuaTong Building, SunGang RD.(East), LuoHu District, Shenzhen, 518022, CN.

Factory address: C7 Blog, C district, FuHai industrial Park, FuYong, BaoAn, ShenZhen,518103, CN

5. Please search in Google Indexed enterprise domain, formal inclusion in Google's amount will be in 800 or more.

Domain Name Search record mode:

put abc into your own domain name will be ok.

For example:

Site: http://www.cardvd-wholesale.com