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Autumn: the most suitable season for vehicle maintenance. LSQ teach you how to start ( 1 )

2013-10-23 18:07:54

With the temperature changes in Autumn, human being will feel more and more cool, a lot of emphasis on health care in China who will focus on the maintenance in this season. If you like your car and want your car stay healthy all year round , the following rules will be good for maintenance car :

Step One: Start from the outside maintenance;
   Autumn morning dew more than other seasons , the car's surface will be susceptible to the effects of humidity , especially when you have had the car surface scratches, please do the painting , because this can avoid scratches free parts of the damp and rust. In addition, because in the summer , when suffering from acid rain in the invasion and summer with a strong direct light , car paint will be affected by how much the surface oxidation , so in the fall this time, it is the best for car from the cleaning and polishing to waxing, sealing glaze or coating a series of beauty maintenance . This way will make your car bright all year around;

Step two: maintenance of air conditioning load;
   In summer, air condition is neccessary in hot whether, good air quality in the operation of the system will also be overloaded. And also the reasons often due to rain in summer , if car always go weding road , resulting in gets a lot of air conditioner condenser lower sediment , and several times later, it will cause the condenser rust. So in Autume, please pay more attention to the maintenance of air-conditioning;

The third step: the maintenance of vents
 We need to check the air inlet and electronic fan, whether they are blocked. If it has, just using compressed air blowing;

The Fourth Step: engine maintenance
  In fact, whether or not in the fall , we should always check the engine compartment oil, brake fluid and antifreeze, oil is sufficient to see whether the deterioration, whether to replace the cycle. Such as the car's blood. We must know whether to get a better cycle, to the need for timely replacement, this will ensure good oil circulation unobstructed.