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Autumn: the most suitable season for vehicle maintenance. LSQ teach you how to start ( 2)


With the fall weather, temperature changes, the human body will feel more and more cool, a lot of emphasis on health care in China who have focused in this season
Maintenance, if you are car people, like your car's stay healthy all year round, the following Xiaobian a second step up maintenance car:

Step Five: brake system is very very important
Whenever we encounter unexpected traffic accident, the first thing we do is subconscious brakes. However, if this time the brake system is a bit
Small problems are very serious matter. Here in this small series, who repeatedly remind you car, regular maintenance of the brake system following aspects
Surface to ensure traffic safety:
01: Car brake gap adjustment;
02: Clutch adjustment;
03: auto brake, pad replacement;
04: Car damping equipment maintenance, maintenance or replacement car tires;
05: Automotive circuit hydraulic system testing;
06: Automotive lighting signal adjustment.

Step Six: battery life is only 2 years
Our best view in the autumn when the battery date because after the fall of the day becomes shorter, the nights longer and longer time, adequate
Battery storage reservoir to ensure the safety of driving at night,
We can: Start the engine sound when weakened or dimly lit, the battery is exhausted aura, please change. Major car circuit
Two kinds of low-voltage and high-voltage, low-voltage circuit components checked interfaces, depending on the wire without ablation, poor contact, etc., but also concerned about the fuse
Situation. Battery life of about two years, the spark plug life is about 40,000 km less.

Step Seven: interior maintenance
As the summer heat and rainy season, many of the car are the breeding ground for many bacteria decorated and very subtle, come autumn, we are learning
No longer regularly used to open the windows, then the compartment air will be very bad if the breath unusual odor, please note: odors and bacteria
Cause harm to human health! So, in the fall, for your car to do a thorough disinfection and cleaning of the interior, if able to do so, please use
Professional upholstery cleaners with high temperatures sauna machine.

Step eight: (Maintenance of common sense) on a regular basis in the door shaft, coated with anti-rust oil navigation above the door switch can prevent abnormal sound emitted, because those are the invasion of sand and washing the resulting rust.