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The choice of playing music while driving


   Driving a car , if you come on a seasonal music is a kind of enjoyment, following Xiaobian recommended in this first few different scenarios of different music :
   Music is the best partner of the driver , there is no musical journey regrettable . For the love of music , there will be one hundred one hundred owners
Answers . Some people like the world's best rock and roll , it was just listen to melodious music. But note that, because a lot of options to consider music
Su , listening to music on the car will have a positive impact both will have a negative impact . In addition, different scenes , different speed should also be reasonable to call music
, If you choose not appropriate , may distract the driver's attention, affect safe driving . So, listen to music while driving , to choose a scientific
Methods tour to listen . Here a selection of some of the different periods suitable for listening to different music , and driving and music lovers to share ......

 At work : a refreshing start
   A new day has begun , running in the blue sky and white clouds , let the music help you adjust to enter the work state. Let dynamism and driving beat and the notes to accompany you , let you work better play to their wisdom ......

   1.The city of the sun
   3.Traveling Light

Commuting time: relaxed mood
   Often, we are with a tired body sat in the car, the car drifted, darkening sky, or the gap from the high-rise buildings, to see the sky red sunset beautiful scene. Listen lyrical quiet ""Liekkas"", my heart do not want anything, fatigue has also been thrown into the trunk, just driving, road, home.

   2.A Little Inspiration
   3.Concerto Pour Deux Voix

   Travel time: close to nature
     Travel must be no music monotonous and tedious. Whether two people or one person. When you removed the station or airport; when you see the scenery in front of or beside; when you meet with some people, accompanied by another separation. Moments along the way, there are wonderful music accompanied the scenery along the way to give much extra points, bring music to travel it ......

   1.Mad Sexy Cool
   2.Truly Madly Deeply
   3.the meaning of travel

   Long time: refreshing
    Car driving on the highway, blood boiling, such as dynamic rhythm of the song matched perfect.

   1.Stop Crying Your Heart Out
   2.When You‘re Gone