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Winter: The vehicle also needs warm winter. LSQ teach you how to care (3)

In the cold winter, the car also needs a warm winter . How to spend the winter car comfortable , small series in this list for you a few " winter "
First, the automobile antifreeze from the beginning of winter maintenance .
   But the market a lot of different brands of antifreeze , we must comply with their own models need to choose the brand , there are marked suitable for general instructions on Which , absolutely can not arbitrarily choose a universal antifreeze or antifreeze for maintenance , so the effect will be and men Toner smear lady 's face . Effect occurs not only reduce or even counterproductive . General antifreeze replaced every two years than reasonable .

Second, the low temperature will hurt the battery
   Motor vehicle batteries are also afraid of the cold , scientifically proven : at low temperatures , the battery capacity than at normal capacity is much lower. Our best way is to change before the advent of winter supplement good battery inside the electrolyte , which regulate the proportion , but also clean the terminals to the battery , the cleaning after the best professional grease paint protection, so let the battery winter is not cold . If your car in a few weeks in the winter hibernation when not in use , we should talk about the battery removed , exists in a warm room, so better prevent battery damage caused by freezing .

Third, the car in winter need to "eat" a good point
     Car in the winter , when the whole car environment will reduce a lot , if you usually use 90 gasoline , then the winter may wish to use 93 gasoline , so used to engage in a higher scale burning gasoline , then sparking a little stronger .