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Winter driving how prevention should drift

   Winter has come, winter weather also will come, such a climate will increase the number of unsafe driving factors, the following Xiaobian teach you two strokes over secureWinter:
   Car did not go, people get dry three things: the entire vehicle inspection, bring along tools, lighting the most important

    1, steering systems, braking systems, lighting, instrument, horn, wiper, etc. should be complete and effective;
    2, but also pay attention to check whether it is standard vehicle tire pressure, air pressure is not too high, tire tread mounted symmetrically.
    3, in the fog of the car windshield and headlight glass should be clean, according to regulations to open anti-fog, low beam lights, front and rear small lights and showing the wide lights and taillights, charge

Of the use of lighting to improve visibility to see the road ahead, vehicles and pedestrians dynamics.

Road traffic to be "steady and slow"

1, while driving, pay attention to the speed steady, uniform operation, avoid fierce acceleration, braking, swerving and so on. In the start-up and acceleration, fuel to light, slow, in order to prevent tire slippage and sliding phenomenon; deceleration, to take full advantage of the resistance of the engine deceleration, ie not off the block and does not depress the clutch case quickly open throttle, the engine speed is decreased immediately, forcing the wheel speed is reduced, the vehicle deceleration method. If you need to use the parking brake is also first with engine braking will speed down, then step on the brake light;

2, in turn, be sure to slow down, slow appropriate to increase turning radius and hit the steering wheel. Avoid driving with the car too close, minimize overtaking, the maximum speed must not exceed 20km / h, visibility within the 15m speed should not exceed 5km / h, visibility within 5m should select the appropriate location on the roadside parking and open former small bright lights and taillights, to cause vehicular traffic and pedestrians pay attention, to be diminished or poor visibility or fog visibility was driving after a considerable improvement.