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Pure Android 4.0 System Capacitance Screen

2013-12-12 18:54:44
 At the end of the 2013,many people ask me,if we have the Pure Android System car dvd;Most of the customer don’t want the double system:WinCE and Android;

At this time,I always feel so worried about this.It is a pity that we don’t have the Pure Android system.

But now there is a good news,the Pure Android 4.0 system Capacitance Screen is coming,You can buy the Pure Android4.0  Car DVD for Volkswagen and Skoda atpresent;Many other model car will be later at 2014,Don’t be anxious!

The Pure Android 4.0 System Capacitance Screen is very cool,This is trend,you must like it and really desire 1 set foryour car,Don’t hesitate!