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SUV Daimler developed or fully acquired Aston Martin?


SUV Daimler developed or fully acquired Aston Martin?
Currently Mercedes - Benz has 5% of the shares in Aston Martin, a few days ago with the latest news that Daimler's Mercedes - Benz may be completely acquired Aston Martin, and the latter Future Benz GL-Class SUV models will be modeled.
Mercedes-Benz or completeness purchased Aston Martin

    Disclosure of the British media recently about the Mercedes - Benz considering the acquisition of 100% stake in Aston Martin, rumors, Daimler and Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche has not denied; although in the case of the statement spread like wildfire, and Cai Che tried to downplay vague. Currently Daimler already holds a 5% stake in Aston Martin.

    Zetsche said vaguely: ""This (Aston Martin) is a fantastic brand, we are happy to support the further development of the future of Aston Martin."" In addition to disclose its complement, CEO of Aston Martin is looking for candidates Three candidates have been provided to offer, but there are two people refused, the third is the most promising office.

    Foreign media pointed out that since it was Ford sold Aston Martin has been the lack of a strong industry partners. March 2007, Ford announced a $ 925 million price dispose of Aston Martin in Prodrive F1 team boss David Richards, led, Dar investment companies, investment companies and other groups in Kuwait Adeem hands from Ford to £ 475 million acquisition of A Martin's majority stake in Princeton.

    From 2012, a number of companies announced interest in Aston Martin. First Toyota to consider $ 800 million acquisition of 64% equity interest in Aston Martin from Dar Company; after China and India, Mahindra Geely is also involved in the bid. Eventually, the Italian investment company with $ 240 million Investindustrial subscribed Aston Martin 37.5% of the shares, ranking the largest shareholder.

    However, informed sources said, Dar Investment Company does not prepare long-term holdings Aston Martin, its plans to restructure, so consider 4-7 years to sell the remaining stake in exchange for funding Aston Martin. Then, last July, Daimler surfaced as a new shareholder, by way of purchase of technology shares rather than cash to get a 5% stake, while the latter set up a seat on the board observed.

Cooperation is expected to involve SUV

    Daimler's Mercedes-Benz AMG and Aston Martin, the future looks jointly developed V8 engine, Aston Martin launched to support the next generation of new cars; two companies will also cooperate in the areas of electrical and electronic components. Both sides consider the future to further explore more areas of cooperation, sources said, the Aston Martin Lagonda (Lagonda) SUV planning will be based on the Mercedes-Benz GL.
Today, a growing number of ultra-luxury SUV planning to come out. Last year, Aston Martin, product manager Andy Haslam (Andy Haslam) and CEO Ulrich Bez have expressed a willingness to build SUV.

    Haslam said: ""If we have the resources required, we will do that (launch SUV)."" It added that many of the Aston Martin DB9 owners owning a Range Rover, suggesting the existence of consumer demand. And Ulrich Bez is declared: ""I hope it (the Aston Martin SUV) will be able to appear here at the moment I think it means extraordinary, but we did not fund..""

    Aston Martin's Lagonda SUV will borrow the recovery project, the rebirth of the Lagonda will include a series of models, covering mid-size and large cars and even crossover. Aston Martin Lagonda SUV is expected to cross in the name of the car is released.

    Lagonda was originally the last century the British classic car brand, was acquired in 1947, Aston Martin. 2009 Aston Martin Lagonda launched a cross-border concept car.

    Bez explained that Lagonda will not become an independent brand, but is part of the Aston Martin brand, ""in some important markets such as China, Lagonda consumer awareness is not high, and we are the Aston Martin to enhance the visibility of the market, so there is no reason in accordance with the Lagonda brand all over again that we can call the name of the new car is an Aston Martin -. Lagonda and Aston Martin cars using standard, consumers will be more easy to accept. ""on the Aston Martin SUV / Lagonda production car of the time, Bez did not give a clear view.