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CX-7 will be available in the future planning of FAW Mazda exposure July

In domestic Mazda 6 ATENZA A Tezi after (hereinafter referred to as A Tezi) offline activities, general manager of FAW Car Co., Ltd. Tiecheng, deputy general manager of FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Tian Qing long accepted our interview, and market positioning, new products and future aspects of FAW Mazda production conditions, etc. were introduced. See the following:
● A Tezi May 6 listing, monthly sales of 5,000 units planned

It is learned from the assembly line after April 9,  began to accept reservations, pre-sale price of 189 800 -24.98 million, and the car will be announced on May 6 final market price guide, also announced the listing. According to Tian Qing-long presentation, A Tezi after listing sold 5,000 units / month, but the new car market will not immediately have a terminal market early favorable circumstances, manufacturers will try to control aspects 阿特兹 prices will not fluctuate much.
● three generations under one roof selling models in order to divide the market price positioning

                                                         "Left: Mazda 6, right: Rui wing."
After A Tezi listed in the sale of the Mazda 6 Rui-wing and will not stop, that will form the next three generations of marketing. According to Tian Qing long introduction, three models will be distinguished from the price, the Mazda 6 range of 12-16 million flagship Core-wing coupe, the range of 16-18 million, while the A Tezi occupy 18-25 million price range. In other words, the future of the three models do not conflict with each other.
● FAW Mazda future products: Domestic CX-7 program in July listed / ATENZA Wagon or introduce

                                                               "Domestic CX-7."
    About new products, FAW Mazda plans to launch in July 2014 to market domestic CX-7, the vehicle length and breadth were 4705mm/1872mm/1645mm, wheelbase 2750mm, is a mid-sized SUV. Dynamic, 2.5L or 2.3T will provide two options, while there will be two and four-wheel-drive version.

                                                                "ATENZA Wagon"
    In addition, FAW Mazda is also considering whether to introduce ATENZA Wagon, Tian Qing long said that if the introduction of the car will be sold in the form of imports, remains to be seen whether the domestic market situation before considering.
● FAW Mazda production conditions; stabilized, with an annual capacity 270,000
    With FAW Mazda continue to market new products, capacity issues are particularly important for multi-line business. However, according to Tiecheng introduction, FAW Mazda production capacity is currently in stable condition, the factory also carried out technological transformation, from 200,000 the previous annual increase to 270,000.