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Audi RS1 latest renderings exposure is more aggressive than the S1

2014-07-08 10:22:20

[Summary] Currently, the foreign media to draw up a set of new Audi RS1 model renderings, which will be equipped with a more powerful or EA888 series 2.0TFSI engine.

Editorial:Audi A1 worldwide and achieved good results, so the more powerful Audi S1 ​​also launched at the beginning. As to whether the top performance version of the RS1 will be introduced, editors think Audi will definitely launch a model more violent than S1, as to whether the RS1 model, we will wait and see!

At this year's Geneva Motor Show, Audi launched a new S1 model, which is equipped with 2.0TFSI 231Ps the EA888 engine series, and match the Quattro four-wheel drive system that allows outsiders inspire. However, the outside world also wants Audi to launch a more powerful RS1 models. Currently, foreign media have drawn a new Audi RS1 model renderings.

The new Audi RS1 latest renderings exposure

Audi RS1 two officials hinted postponedModels

Audi S1 ​​designer Frank Gruner recently in an interview, said it may launch Audi RS1 version of the model. In addition, the Audi S1 ​​engine development team leader Ulrich Weirl also said that this EA888 series 2.0TFSI engine can also adjust the power output of more powerful. Officials have been more than two when it comes to the Audi RS1 models, which all make it easy to think outside the Audi RS1 model has been developed it.

The new Audi RS1 latest renderings exposure

Audi RS1Renderings than S1More aggressive

From the renderings of view, we can clearly feel the Audi RS1 a lot more aggressive than the Audi S1, including air intake under the front bumper spoiler silver inlaid honeycomb grille and above the ""Quattro ""words so let RS1 elements with performance even more flavor.