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Jaguar Land Rover is expected to release a new generation of engines for Land Rover car Chery

Martin Shi Gasgoo 2014-07-15 17:17:10

Auto News July guise, Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium open its new engine series configuration parameters. The engine family will be used for a variety of models of Jaguar and Land Rover, Land Rover and Chery is expected to carry on joint production of a new car.

It is reported that the series engine will be used in future Jaguar, Land Rover brands in a variety of models

Ingenium series engine will provide petrol version and diesel version, and supports the drive, four-wheel drive layout. But also to support traditional, hybrid layout. Full range of engines will be equipped with a turbocharger, variable valve timing system, direct fuel injection, automatic idling stop system technology. The series will be the first engine in addition to carrying on the upcoming release of a new mid-size car Jaguar XE, Land Rover and Jaguar in the future will become a flagship engine.

Jaguar Land Rover and China's Chery joint venture to build a positive capacity, future production Jaguar, Land Rover and joint independent models, the first car will be the Land Rover Range Rover Aurora. As the new series of engines will be equipped with Land Rover Range Rover Aurora and other models, Chery Land Rover products are also expected to become a user Ingenium series engine.

Ingenium developed engine series lasted eight years, had 72,000 hours of testing, and mounted on a test vehicle carried a 3.2 million kilometers of road test, the goal is to create a competitive engine power and torque output, and smooth operation can achieve in terms of lead levels. It uses the latest, most advanced modular concept to build. This flexibility means that it is very high, the drive can correspond, precursors and four-wheel drive setup. It also has done quite well in lightweight, compared to now use the same level of Jaguar Land Rover engines, it reduces the weight of 80 kg.

In the first model AJ200D Ingenium family, for example, which is a 2.0-liter diesel engine, Jaguar Land Rover currently representing a 17% reduction of engine internal friction and thus rank among the most efficient and the most sensitive response 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine ranks.


This series of lightweight aluminum engine has a cylinder block, and based on a modular concept, in which each bore of the cylinder block and the cylinder stroke is the same center distance, the volume of each cylinder are also 500 ml. This design can be easily and arbitrarily change the number of cylinders and engine displacement, and thus be able to in a shorter period of time developed a more dynamic version of the engine, saving time and effort, while research and development costs have been dramatically reduced. Ingenium series includes gasoline and diesel engines, and is equipped with technologically advanced turbochargers, to enhance power output performance at low engine speed conditions, but also be able to better help the engine to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Jaguar Land Rover spent a total of $ 68 million investment in the development Ingenium engine series.