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Tanabata Festival

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:lsqstar
  • Release on:2014-08-04

Tanabata Festival, also known asQiQiaoDay,QiqiaoDay or Seven Sisters Festival, originatedChina, Is part of the East Asian region as well as Chinese traditional festivals countries affected by the Han culture, inLunar New YearJuly seventh day celebration. FromCowboyVersusWeaverLegends. Since ancient times, women want toWeaverFor example. So every seven sister gave birth, they will sacrifice to the Seven Sisters, pray that they canIngenuityGet a happy marriage. This is a Chinese traditional festival one of the most romantic holiday.


  Cowherd legendIs ChinaFour folkloreOne, also in Chinese folklore earliest and most widely circulated local legend, has a very important position in the history of the Chinese Folk Literature.[5] 

According to legend Cowboy parents died young, and often subjected to abuse Gesao, only one cow companions. One day the cow gave him a trick, to teach him how to do his wife to marry Weaver. Until that day comes, the beautiful fairies really to Galaxy bathing and playing in the water. Then hidden in the reeds of the Cowherd and Weaver took suddenly ran out of clothes. Panic fairies flew away clothes hastily put ashore, except the rest of Weaver. In the Cowboy's plea, Weaver promised to do his wife. After marriage, the Cowherd and farming men and women weave, love each other, life was very happy. Cowherd and Weaver gave birth to a child a woman. Later, the cow to die, told Cowherd put its skin to stay put in order to help the emergency. Cow's death, the couple reluctantly peeled leather, cattle buried in the hillside.

  Weaver and the Cowherd married thing is heaven and the Jade EmperorQueen MotherAfter that, they flew into a rage and ordered the lower bound gods recaptured Weaver. Cowboy gods while not at home when captured Weaver. Cowherd and Weaver Girl gone home, hastily donned leather, bear two children to chase. She was about to catch up, the Queen Mother heart of a radical, unplug the head Jinzan a draw to the Galaxy, the Milky Way between the former shallow turbid Yisha become monstrous, Cowboy never make life difficult. Since then, the Cowherd and only tears Yingying, across the river, forever,JadeAnd the Queen Mother also fail to beat the sincere feelings between them, allowing them to meet once a year on July 7, according to legend, during the July seventh, human magpie would go flying in the Milky Way for the ride CowherdMagpie Bridge. In addition, the Tanabata dead of night, people can hear Cowherd feeling tenderness in heaven, then under the grape arbor or other fruit stand.

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