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petrol cars can fill diesel?

  • Author:Kevin
  • Source:cardvd-wholesale.com
  • Release on:2014-08-21

in the Han HAN's movie ""The Continent"", as a piece of a trek road, the car in which the occupied no small actors. But when Hao Han bought a small savings in three years Polo(Shanghai Volkswagen With Han still maintained close cooperation and Modification Off Tires Able to adapt to the Gobi torture gravel) when the river to the west with recruits, Uncle's advice to let the cinema became a bitter collective Xiaofan:

""I'll give you a piece of advice. Gasoline vehicles can not fill diesel!""

Irrigation diesel to gasoline vehicles really big problem right? It seems that the problem some good discussion.

Although gasoline and dieselEngineAll internal combustion engines, but because diesel burning low, at about 220 °; while gasoline ignition up to 410 ° to430Between °, ignition will cause the difference between different engine operating modes.

Whether it is gasolineEngineOr dieselEngineThey all belong to the internal combustion engine, the fuel is burning through the promotion of the cylinder piston for reciprocating movement to the fuel is converted into chemical energy to drive the vehicleGo aheadMechanical energy, roughly the same working principle. Because of high gasoline ignition, soEngineThe need for a spark plug to ignite, explode provideEngineThe energy required to power output, called ignition. But diesel burning low, by way of compressed air to raise the air temperature, the air temperature exceeds the spontaneous combustion of diesel ignition, then re-injected into the diesel fuel, diesel fuel and air mix spray while their ignition and combustion, called a compression-ignition. Therefore, dieselEngineWithout spark plugs and other ignition system.

Gasoline engine

First diesel Engine

Nozzle pressure than gasoline injector pressure, after which the diesel is added to gasoline, fuel injector pressure is not enough, resulting in insufficient atomization of diesel, onlyPart atomization. Results section diesel liquid form directly into the cylinder, the combustion is insufficient, easy coke, and will clog injectors. This car will feelEngineWeakness, run up very meat.This is caused by incomplete combustion.

In addition, lower diesel fuel ignition, spark ignited diesel fuel before it has reached the auto-ignition temperature, began to burn fiercely! Illness caused by the legendary ""Knock. ""

These two not only allows you to drive uncomfortable, but willEngineBring irreversible damage. It is recommended that you still sure to look before refueling.

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In short, the students much more diesel than gasoline naughty students. Wilson Chen and Feng Shao Feng, if out of the movie, let alone bike Cross Polo encountered Wallace Chung then re-open for a long time to solve the problem, is not out of the gas station a few steps away, is enough to put the engine makes seven dirty eight elements, then generate abnormal jitter, which is detonation phenomena, then is the cylinder wall is pulled grooves, piston, piston ring friction loss due to severe tightness, which is what we call the pull cylinder.

how to do if have this problem?