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Chrysler was fined for price-fixing 31,680,000 by Shanghai government

Kevin Shen Beijing Times 2014-09-12 13:19:09

Reporters learned from the National Development and Reform Commission, the Shanghai Price Bureau has for Chrysler (China) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Region 3 Chrysler dealer price monopoly conduct penalties, including a fine of Chrysler Corporation 31,682,000 yuan of three dealers a fine totaling 2.1421 million yuan.

Development and Reform Commission antitrust bureau noted that Chrysler reach and implement a ".html"fixed resale price to a third party".html", ".html"limited to the third lowest price for resale".html" monopoly agreements, violation of the ".html"anti-monopoly law.".html" Chrysler and its dealers in Shanghai three acts, exclusions and limitations of market competition, disrupted the normal order of market competition, harm the legitimate rights and interests of other operators and consumers.

August of this year, Chrysler announced a reduction in the price of its two models, and cut 145 kinds of high-value, high rates of warranty parts prices, as a positive response to the anti-monopoly investigation.

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