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Hongkong Occupy Central impact on Economy and electronic fair

kevin shen 2014-10-10 16:43:54
"October 9th 2014, Hongkong. Tens of thousands of protesters occupy the main street leading to the financial Central district from Wanchai district outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong from September 2014, they   claim to hold it till middle October 2014.

Hongkong is one the most important cities in China, also a hot destination of touring, more and more tourist from all mainland China and other places from all over the China, the ".html"occupy central".html" affected the economy and touring industry because roads are blocked by the protesters and release a dangerous signal, some countries warned their people not to go to Hongkong because unstability, the national day holiday was a hot touring period for Hongkong, but Hongkong touring is very cold this October, and stock market is in the mood of decreasing.

Because of the ".html"occupy central".html", we think the traffic and tourist will be affected, also the Hongkong HKTDC Electronic fair, but anyway, things is going a little better now, the China car dvd factory Shenzhen LSQ star electronic who will attend it wish that you can rest assure to come,  get the new information and good supplier from here.