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Why car factory with no car DVD navigation

2014-12-05 19:01:41
"Why car factory with no car DVD navigation?For our consumers are likely to think of this problem, this is a manufacturer of high-end car, low match type, such as the division of different.Actually the truth is not so high and low match really have the car DVD navigation this differences.But the real reason to look down.
At present our country of car DVD navigation now is still in its infancy, and on the market for vehicle navigation system before and after the installation is divided into two forms.A front loading is refers to the car in front of the factory has the vehicle navigation system configuration is installed in the car, namely we often say the original car navigation.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, we have more request for all aspects of the quality of life, the original car navigation cannot meet the needs of the consumers, for facilitating the clients to the many choices, there will be another kind of installation method, also is the way, after we say is installed in the car after the so-called time configuration above and no vehicle navigation, but by the customers to choose brand for installation, because such customer selectivity is larger, such as can choose a big brand, superior quality, low price, function, etc., of all relative to the front loading type customer satisfaction will increase, because of their own choice must be what you want.And the original car configuration above is not necessarily the customers want.This leads to a lot of cars and above without GPS navigation, and by the customer to choose.

Another aspect is that China, in the middle of the vehicle navigation system in the development of navigation as terminal configuration will make the cost of cars increase, while the user demand for GPS devices is not sure so auto makers are reluctant to take the risk.So using mounted to the car after the user to provide a flexible options is undoubtedly the most wise choice.