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Buick ang KORA DVD vehicle navigation integrated machine

2015-01-13 19:11:53

Keen open-air rock concert people are familiar with the word, Encore!Encore! The audience will shout so at the request of the singer Encorewhen. The representative of the performer of the splendid performanceappreciation. Buick  small SUV name, its meaning is self-evident. The ang Cora is aimed at the younger generation, drive the young,show ego style win applause!

The young heart is the pursuit of entertainment,  Auto under the brand name -- Buick ang KORA DVD vehicle navigation integrated machine combines a lot of high technology and human function, based on the safety first to take full account of the needs of young people enjoy the show entertainment.

True color digital high-definition screen, resolution of 800*480, the latestdisplay processing technology, the performance of color, high dynamic contrast ratio reached excellent level, when stopping to rest enjoy a variety of visual feast.

Support DVD/CD multi disc box function, playing time is more long, two AVOUT; 5 channel audio output: front left, front right, rear left, right, after thesubwoofer output full range sound make special, car into family cinema is not a dream.

Digital processing technology of flexible high bass, bass center frequency,the best listening position selection, to meet the owners of different auditoryenjoyment.

Allow SD/USB interface, support SD/USB/ hard drives and other large capacity multimedia resources of the network load, more entertainment,more wonderful.

The function GPS before running in the background: front GPS navigation,the background can be running DVD/ /TV/CDC radio, navigation and entertainment two not mistake.

Exclusive vehicular shockproof technology, from two aspects of hardware,software, guarantee the system in normal operation process of automobile driving, DVD reads dish does not stop, the use of more smooth, moreenjoyable entertainment.

Buick ang KORA DVD vehicle navigation integrated machine, enjoyentertainment feeling.