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The new Mondeo official figure released

2016-01-11 18:10:07
"Recently, Ford Mondeo officially released a new official picture, adjusted for the new car in addition to modeling, but it is also equipped with a 2.7T V6 turbocharged engine, the 2016 North American Auto Show world premiere of this car will be upcoming.

The main change in the appearance of the new Mondeo is adjusted for a number of details, including a new car before the face of the iconic hexagonal mesh size slightly smaller, front headlight built on both sides of the LED daytime running lights, new style, the bottom of the front bumper down trapezoidal grille with the old models modeling reverse, showing a sportier feel, the other two sides grille also incorporates LED fog lights.

The tail, the new Mondeo sides taillight central through black trim, equipped with a size above the small rear spoiler, the bottom is the use of bilateral co-four exhaust layout, reflecting the sense of hierarchy, but also the movement characteristics dripping play.

The interior, the biggest change the new Mondeo focused on the central portion of the center console, shift knob mechanism at greets, compared to the old traditional style is more prominent Dangba grade and easy to operate. Central console button layout is also slightly adjusted the button at the bottom of the area as well as air conditioning function control area with a new layout.

Power systems, the new Mondeo was equipped with a 325 horsepower output of 2.7T V6 turbocharged engine, transmission and the engine is still expected to match the 6-speed manual gearbox, in addition, the car will be equipped with four-wheel drive system . It is reported that three new Mondeo models overseas subdivision priced at $ 22,995 (base version), $ 34,350 (sports version), $ 37,495 (top version), corresponds to about RMB 151,400 yuan, 226,100 yuan and 246,800 yuan .