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2018 Beijing auto show, see Mucang science super test drive full coverage

2018-04-24 14:31:48
"The 15th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition in 2018 will be held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. The auto show has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life and attracted a large number of domestic and foreign auto makers to participate, as well as dozens of well-known media reports such as Auto Home, Auto, People's Daily and By then, Mucang Science and Technology will bring its products such as its driving and driving book collection, car owners' headlines, car purchases, national illegal inquiries and Piggy used cars to the Beijing Auto Show. It will also bring more than 100 car reviewers to the auto show. .

2018 Beijing auto show, see Mucang science super test drive full coverage

Since its inception in 1990, the Beijing International Auto Show has been successfully held for 14 sessions. At present, it has become an auto exhibition with extensive international influence. This year's Beijing Auto Show takes the theme of ""Defining the New Life of Automobiles"" as its theme. It will be officially opened on April 25 and will end on May 4 for a total of 10 days. As the world's top auto show, Beijing Auto Show will use the most cutting-edge concepts and technologies as well as innovative products to allow the audience to fully experience, experience and recognize new car life in the future.

This year at the Beijing Auto Show, the wood warehouse technology editorial team will join hands with the auto industry's well-known self-media platform, and more than a hundred car reviews will be used to report exclusive and up-to-date auto show information through graphic and video. In order to provide more detailed, comprehensive, and comprehensive coverage of the auto show, Mucang Technology has opened a special coverage column for auto shows, set up auto show headlines, new car information, detailed explanations for new cars, and strives to provide comprehensive coverage of the latest information from the Beijing auto show from multiple angles.

2018 Beijing auto show, see Mucang science super test drive full coverage

For the majority of prospective owners and car owners, professional text and pictures are far from meeting the needs of users. In recent years, with the development of the media, the live broadcast industry, and the video, the majority of users have enjoyed interesting, fun and interesting auto show contents. After Mukura Technology paid special attention, the company launched special reviews for cars, high-end interviews, community activities, and exhibition guides. It also set up booths on the spot and held offline activities through comments, interviews, community, online and online. The combination of the next way to the auto show a full range of multi-angle coverage.

The annual auto show has a lot of content information, which is important information for the majority of prospective car owners and car owners concerned about the auto industry. Mucang Technology has always devoted itself to the reporting and construction of content information, built the headline of auto information platform riders, signed a large number of industry-owned media platforms, and built a super short test video brand super test drive. The super test drive ranks the top three in the list of top names on the list of media in the recent year. It has won the favor and recognition of the majority of potential owners and owners. This year's auto show, Mucang Technology will continue to fully present the exclusive, latest and most comprehensive auto show coverage for the majority of prospective owners and owners