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Automotive aftermarket and Internet, a new model of innovation and development

With the steady growth of new car sales and the increasing age of the car, the scale of China's auto aftermarket has reached trillions. The automotive aftermarket maintains a high growth rate of more than 25% per year, making it the most dazzling profit growth point in the automotive industry. However, its development also requires a process. First of all, it requires the state to formulate and improve the regulations, systems and policies of the aftermarket, and promote the development and promotion of industry standardization. The second is to absorb foreign advanced automobile after-market service technology, coupled with the reality of their own national conditions, to establish a post-market system with Chinese characteristics.

Automotive aftermarket and Internet, a new model of innovation and development

Under the influence and infiltration of new elements such as the Internet, the car aftermarket has undergone earth-shaking changes and is facing a major reshuffle situation. In this regard, the operators of the steam service stores in which they are located are deeply touched. First, the Internet is strong, and the e-commerce collapse brought by the capital winter is followed, and then the policy measures are successively introduced. All are changing.

The Internet has entered the automotive aftermarket in an all-round way. The traditional industrial chain has undergone drastic reforms. The addition of the Internet has undoubtedly injected a booster into the development of the real economy. In the future, the development of the automotive aftermarket will also cater to the law of Internet development and form a strategic combination. A unique development trend.

First, with the development of new financial new retail, the development of the automotive aftermarket is becoming more and more segmented. The customer's needs are more clear and the service is more targeted. The reason for this phenomenon is that the service space in the post-market is very huge. It is difficult for operators to do all the projects well. Therefore, choose one project or several projects as the entry point to form a strong competitive force. Market segmentation has become the most direct and effective means.

Second, with the integration of the Internet and automotive technology, the various electronic devices of automobiles are becoming more and more complex. To a certain extent, it will increase the misoperation rate and failure rate, but over time, these electronic devices will be more perfect. In the future, electronic equipment will judge faults in advance, instead of having problems, and then relying on various complicated fault codes to find out in advance, solve problems in advance, and change people's consumption concept.

Once again, with the car owners' understanding of the car and the aftermarket, the service demand for the company is more specific. In the current environment, user experience has become the most effective way to win car owners. Therefore, operators must work harder to improve customer experience.

Enterprises in the aftermarket of the automobile can establish a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service by virtue of the open and transparent characteristics of the Internet, optimize their own business processes through management software, and provide users with humanized services and inexpensive products through online The combination of offline, the transformation of the automotive aftermarket will be completed more quickly.