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Ceiling DVD entertainment enjoy 18 Toyota Cool Road Ze 4000 Reviews

Tencent car Tencent car 2018-10-11 16:05:19
The 18 Toyota Cool Road 4000 Middle East isa high-end SUV that can handle any occasion. The domineering appearance is notenough to explain in words, and there is no lack of sufficient sportsmanship.The newly designed bumper and air intake grille make the front face moredynamic. Length * width * height (mm): 5095 * 1970 * 1930 Wheelbase: 2850 mmFull load mass: 2600KG, parallel imports 2018 models of the Middle East landcruiser Land Cruiser 4000 compared to the 2017 Cool Road Ze main changes: newThe LED water flow turning lamp and the gearbox have been changed from 5 speedsto 6 speeds, and Xiangyun original car color strips.

The 18 front-end parts of the Middle EastToyota Land Cruiser 4000 have been designed with the latest family elements.The new front bumper grille has a larger grille and the central grille has aladder shape, set against the silver guard. It looks very dynamic. Theheadlights with stronger sense of expansion are different from other models,and the LEDs are safer. The body size of the 2018 and 2017 Cool Road Ze 4000has not changed. The 2018 Cool Road Ze 4000 version is still equipped withhalogen headlights. The high-profile configuration is Xenon headlights. Theappearance changes mainly in the light group - LED flow steering light.

Parallel imports of 2018 Middle East ToyotaCool Road Ze 4000 Middle East version of the best combination of road drivingand off-road performance; 4.0-liter engine provides a majestic powerperformance, the new car is smooth and calm, the average fuel consumption per100 kilometers is 10-12L, Economic performance. Cool Luze is not arrogant,electronic power, traction control and body stability system, so that driversand passengers can have stable response even in sharp corners, withouthesitation, there is a proud attitude of perfect off-road performance capital..

7 reasons to choose Toyota Land Cruiser:

1, the appearance of domineering, more than5.1 meters in length, regardless of where you are proud of the crowd.

2, Japanese tough guy, the style of thestyle, standard size SUV, huge internal space, excellent power.

3, unparalleled off-road performance, rigidand overall perfect combination of the chassis, good appetite, can eat coarsegrains.

4, full-time four-wheel drive, goodoff-road type, suitable for bad road conditions.

5, the car is silent, four-wheel drive,non-loaded body safety.

6, open with a sense of pride.

7, the car is quite valuable, the engine isresistant

The 18 Toyota Land Cruiser 4000 has a deepunderstanding of the road, the off-road, and the unique SUV concept. The 18Toyota Cool Road 4000 has a strong appearance and convenient handling. It is aboon for off-road enthusiasts. The height-adjustable hydraulic suspensionsystem has been eliminated, which not only increases reliability, but alsoenhances road driving performance and ride comfort. The powerful shape design,coupled with this huge size, the strength and domineering is revealed.