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Changan Automobile launched a new ace, which has been widely distributed, and the sword refers to Ha

As a domestic auto company in China, Changan Automobile is still a very promising company that wants to make changes in domestic enterprises. This is why Changan Automobile has become a wholly-owned enterprise of Changan Suzuki. When Suzuki withdraws from the domestic market, Can be seen. In addition, Changan Automobile is constantly absorbing foreign advanced automobile manufacturing technology, and has established technical enterprises abroad to enhance the hard strength of domestically produced vehicles. However, since the beginning of this year, the sales volume of Changan Automobile has started to drop sharply. In some areas, the decline has reached 33.9%. This time Changan Automobile launched a new trump card, Changan CS85 COUPE, which has begun to spread in large areas across the country. The intention of Changan Automobile is obvious. The sword refers to Geely FY11 and Haval F7X at the same time.

Changan Automobile launched a new ace, which has been widely distributed, and the sword refers to Haval F7X and Geely FY11.
The appearance of this Changan CS85 COUPE continues the family design of Changan Automobile, but it is also innovative. The front of the car is a large area of ​​chrome bars, and the car cover is slightly raised, so it is very atmospheric, very powerful, the headlights are LED light sources, it seems that the LED light source has become the standard of the car. The decoration of the fog lights is also ingenious and very bright. The body has a double-waisted design, which is very layered, and the rear end is a through-type taillight. The traversing chrome rails add a horizontal visual sense to the rear of the car. However, the 18-inch wheels seem to be a bit small, and the double-external exhaust pipe design also adds to the sporty atmosphere of the car. The car's face value is also known as the domestic BMW X6.

Changan Automobile launched a new ace, which has been widely distributed, and the sword refers to Haval F7X and Geely FY11.
In the interior, it has a tire pressure detection system, reversing image, 360 panoramic image, cruise control, and adaptive cruise. The active brake system is very friendly to many novice drivers, while the electric panoramic sunroof, leather steering wheel and electric seat memory give drivers and occupants a better ride experience, in addition to keyless entry and keyless start. The integrated center console, full LCD instrument panel and 12.3-inch large-screen central control screen are also full of technology. In terms of power, this Changan CS85 COUPE is equipped with a 2.0T engine. It has a maximum torque of 360 and 233 horsepower. It uses an 8-speed automatic manual transmission to provide sufficient power support for the owner. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the overall fuel consumption is about 7.9L per 100 kilometers. The front suspension is a McPherson independent suspension, and the rear suspension is a multi-link independent suspension that provides a better driving experience during driving.