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Explore the way to upgrade the automobile industry

2018-06-14 15:51:34
Today, the 2018 China Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Xiangtan. The conference was organized by the Bureau of Investment Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Government of Xiangtan City, and the China Association of Automobile Engineers, co-organized by Xiangtan Economic Development Zone, aiming to build an annual sustainable smart manufacturing high-end exchange and cooperation platform for the automotive industry and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. development of.

    At the meeting, experts and scholars, including government leaders and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, domestic and foreign automotive and component companies, new vehicle manufacturers, automotive equipment manufacturing companies, and university industry experts focused on the development of intelligent manufacturing in the Chinese automotive industry. In-depth exchanges were carried out from the perspectives of national intelligent manufacturing foresight planning, automotive product innovation in the context of smart manufacturing, and smart factory construction in automotive intelligent manufacturing.

    In recent years, Xiangtan Economic Development Zone, under the strong driving force of Geely Automobile, a “billion-dollar enterprise”, has introduced Magna, Yanfeng Ando, ​​and West Beijing Heavy Industries and other Fortune 500 companies around the high-end value chain of the “smile curve” of the automotive industry. The top 500 domestic companies have already formed a complete industrial chain including vehicles, parts and components, automotive R&D, and testing. In 2020, the total output value of the automobile industry in this area is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, and it will be built into the most unique industrial park in the automotive industry in all parks across the country.