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Japanese cars benchmarking, Honda CRIDER & Toyota LEVIN

2017-02-22 14:45:30
"     Phoenix car comparison: Just over the New Year, many people have begun their own car plan. For the purchase of compact class car consumers, Japanese cars is a good choice, especially Japanese manufacturers Honda and Toyota have a good reputation. Here we come to compare these two Japanese compact grade benchmark models to see which one is more suitable for you.

    The style of CRIDER is courageous and exaggerated, especially the front of the wide grille, in this level is absolutely the most unique models, there are known as the ""Chinese dragon"" design elements closer to the distance with the people, the engine cover On the uplift of the lines to give a strong sense of muscle, although not a sports car but the same momentum; and high with models with LED headlamps, can be regarded as a trend of the design and configuration, in the same level is definitely few. The shape of the body side also gives a feeling of smooth enough, dynamic and powerful waistline has been extended to the tail plate, and the use of bright design of the blade-type aluminum alloy wheels in the visual very compelling.

    Levin's appearance is different from the new Corolla's ""authentic"" introduction, from the eleventh generation of the US version of Corolla's Raleigh in the appearance of the part of the domestic consumer for the use of local design, the use of Toyota's new family Keen Look front face The design of the assembly at the same time as the people like a sought-after banners chrome trim, exaggerated big mouth-shaped trapezoidal grille and modeling sharp black front headlamps to make their front face quite dynamic fashion visual effects.

    CRIDER's interior focus on the practical nature of the shape to orthodox, black interior is mainly used to enhance the sense of grade, but also young people like the style, in fact, even if not so, Ling sent interior materials and role is also Worthy of affirmation. 7-inch multi-touch touch screen LCD screen is a great breakthrough Ling set, this smart screen interconnection system, mobile phones and other mobile terminals can be connected with the vehicle, so that the vehicle has the appropriate function, while the screen Also integrated three-mode reversing image, the driver can choose to reverse the three different angles from the perspective of the rear of the vehicle observation, through a clear perspective to the driver's parking easier.

    LEVIN in the interior design with the new Corolla basically consistent, but because of its more biased towards the young model positioning, interior sports atmosphere has been further strengthened. It is worth mentioning that the layered sense of the vehicle center console area is very clear, covered by the surface of the soft material touched feel better, the control panel used in the piano handle to make the car more fashionable.

      CRIDER led the LWC blind spot display system and the standard system with VSA body stability control system / HSA slope start assistance system / ESS emergency brake warning system, Toyota Rayling are not equipped with the whole system, which is for the security configuration Consumers are very important. In today's complex road conditions, Honda Ling is clearly better than Toyota Raleigh more suitable for urban driving.

     Toyota LEVIN in the configuration on the more general, almost no technical configuration, however, the level of technology has been Toyota's strengths, such as Raleigh this level of the model, do not need to worry about the quality of decline, which may be for young consumers are not cold , They are more concerned about the configuration of the car is to achieve their own expectations.

     Comparison of the two cars are the Japanese cars in the crowd, but after comparison we can see that Honda Ling sent compared to Toyota Raleigh, its appearance more in line with the Chinese consumer's aesthetic, active security configuration is also higher. In addition, the space is also Honda's good show, Ling sent the spacious space is no doubt more suitable for the family. Can be seen Honda Ling sent a suitable for driving in the city qualified car.