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Led Head Light

2017-03-10 15:42:01

Item Specification

LED Chip Brand: COB-XM-L2

      LED Quantity: 2pcs (each bulb has two LEDs)

      Power Input: DC9V-30V


      Cooling Belt Material: Copper

      Socket Tpye: 880/881

      Power: 60W/Set (30W/Bulb)

      Lumens: 6400LM/Set (3200LM/Bulb)

      Beam Angel: 360°

      Lifespan: > 50,000 Hours

      Waterproof Level: IP68

      Material:Aluminum Alloy

      Available Color: 6000K - Pure White



Item Feature:

1.      Meet OEM size specification-best replacement for OEM halogen bulb and aftermarket hid kit,

2.       Easy to install-just plug and play.

3.      All-in-One design-simple connection to Bulb and Driver

4.      Fanless design- Comes with latest copper cooling belt design, no cooling fans needed ,no more noise.

5.      Quick response, can light up in microseconds.

6.      Low voltage protection, high precision constant current driver chip.

7.      Very low and efficient energy consumption than halogen bulbs & HID Bulbs

8.    Long life span, 10 times than HID and 100 times than halogen.

9.    LED is semiconductor solid-state light source, anti-shock, waterproof, and high light efficiency.


Package Included:

One Pair Led Headlight





S7 Series LED headlight kit is FCC, CE, ROHS guaranteed. It uses 2pcs LED chips on each bulb and works at a high efficiency of 3200Lms/set. It is tested to have over 50,000 hrs of brilliant continuous working life. 100% positive feedback in brightness!! 99% positive feedback of the wide and penetrating light pattern!! Highly recommended for safe driving at night!!

S7 Use red copper heat dissipation. The laboratory test temperature is 78¡æ. It shows pretty good performance on road test, even in tropical region. It also performs good in rainy and snowy days, since it is IP68 water proof.

S7 is a good choice for first time headlight modification. It can be High Beam, Low Beam, Fog Light or DRL, as long as their model size are 880/881 . It is a CanBUS-Ready conversion kit. The DC9V-30V drives fit most vehicles inputs and CPUs. No extra wiring is needed! Just to buy a right model (same as your old bulb), and plug it right according positive & negative electrode. Conversion can be done in 20mins! CONTACT US FOR FIRST CONVERSION GUIDING.

So Cool: No only the slim silver cool bulbs, also an efficient cooling system. Most surprise: it gives the car a remarkable cool looking at night. like it is new

- Plug-N-Play: No greasy dirt! No mess wiring! No great spending! for most car,installation can be done in 20mins right out of the box!

- Clear Vision: A camp light is about 500Lm. A high power flashlight is about 1000Lm. A Cree LED Cycling Bike is about 1500Lm. A Philip's halogen headlight is about 1000Lm. A common LED headlight is about 3000Lm. S7 is 3200Lm.

- Safe driving:/ Rainy days, snowy days or foggy days, hot summer or cold winter,  you can rely on S7! An FCC, CE, ROHS rated headlight! A strictly tested conversion kit!


1, Be sure of power off before installation.

2. Do not disassemble the Kit.

3, Make sure to plug it right according positive & negative electrode.

4, Please switch the left and right bulbs to check, if one bulb working while the other blind.

Package Included:

2* LED Headlights-880/881,6000k, Cool White.

Install instruction.

1-year  warranty guaranteed.