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Mercedes Benz smart idea

2017-03-20 13:12:24

Mercedes Benz smart idea

The S in the smart represents the Swatch, M represents the Mercedes-Benz, and the art is the meaning of the art in English. It can be understood that the car represents Swatch And Daimler cooperation art, and smart car name itself in English also has clever meaning, which also fit the smart company's design philosophy. The harm to the environment is very small, Daimler - Chrysler stressed that almost all the parts of the car by the man-made things. The steel chassis is a powder coating rather than a conventional paint, so there is no solvent, no paint contamination, and no waste water flows out. At the same time he is a standard parts of the product, more than 85% of the things can be recycled. Therefore, smart is environmentally friendly, economical, and easy to stop, and now the right peptide version has also been out. The first time into the smart cab, you will still be surprised by its driving pleasure. Obviously, on the outskirts it looks more like a noisy box, it is very easy to make long-distance travel with it. It does not offer a relaxing driving pleasure for modern cars as well as only a small luggage space to prove that this is really a city car: used to travel or shop. However, under the electronic control, the car's maximum speed of up to 137 km (enhanced steel hardness makes it the car level one of the most secure car), if necessary, smart fully capable long-distance travel.

The smart did not offer much of the engine power (from 44 to 61), but it had an advantage of a 6-speed automatic transmission. SOFTIP Follow the standard to carry out the shift action. There is no clutch pedal in the car: just push forward the gear lever to the high gear, and when the pull gear on the back into the low. As a buyer, you can choose SOFTOUCH automatic transmission system, he can let the driver simply in the automatic and manual mode switch, just touch the button at the top of the gear lever can be completed to switch.Mercedes Benz car dvd

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