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New car retail platform "net car" brand upgrade conference, officially renamed "Wei c

"In January of this year, the network car announced at the annual meeting of partners that it would receive tens of millions of dollars in financing. According to the plan, this money will be invested in team building, technology layout and brand marketing. Relevant person in charge said that this brand upgrade will be a big move after cum financing. After the brand upgrade conference, “Well Car” will systematically develop the aspects of collective mining, finance, store training and store use tools. upgrade.
The name 'Rui car' has a higher degree of recognition and is more homogenous with the weacar. The spirit of the “Rich Car” brand is: young, efficient and affordable. We will make further upgrades in four areas: good, fast, excellent, and provincial. We will give consumers a deeper commitment to the experience of buying cars based on the brand promise of the original network car. Dai Qiqi said.

In 2018, ""Rui car"" plan to achieve the country's 1,000 stores, which for consumers, online car prices, car purchase offline will become extremely convenient. At the same time, “Wei-Wai” will set up 60 transit warehouses across the country. The nation will collect hot-selling models for customers. The customer's car-to-car cycle will be greatly shortened, and vehicles can be provided within 10 days. Currently, 10% down-payment of rented products on the market is a requirement for the company's card, and the ""15-percent down-payment for the car"" introduced by ""Viacar"" can be directly on the customer's card.
“This brand upgrade will be perfected and optimized for both the enabling stores and for the convenience and benefits of consumers.
From the establishment of the “net car” in 2015 to the current “Rui car”, it has undergone various changes. From the initial 3 to 50 employees to nearly 200 people now, the number of stores nationwide has exceeded 400. “Cars” COO Xu Peijun demonstrated the “Viagra” under the rapid expansion through a series of data. He said: “Elite” is expanding and at the same time all services and staffing are also followed up. At present, ""Elite"" is equipped with 50 sets of brand marketing managers, 1 to 1 brand services, each province is equipped with 2 regional manager docking, 11 training sessions have completed a total of 2,000 training, and comprehensively enhance the sales capacity of stores.

According to official data, at present, the “Elite” has exceeded 2,000 units in a single month, and the entire network has exceeded 8,000 units. Such as ""Car"" CEO Dai Qiqi said at the annual meeting, while accelerating expansion, while upgrading the optimization of the store's sales capacity, increase the ""Well-car"" total sales, the formation of economies of scale, with scale effects to shake the car source.

Farther away, the company plans to achieve 3,000 stores by 2020. Based on this data, it is entirely possible to use the scale effect to incite the OEM's car sources.
On the day of the brand upgrade conference, “Cars” signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ping An Bank. The two parties will carry out strategic cooperation in all aspects of auto finance, Ping An Insurance, supply chain finance, and bank-enterprise systems, etc., to jointly develop car doors. Shops to solve financial, financing, advances and other problems. Automobiles are a heavy asset industry, and the stores are all facing the problem of shortage of funds. The “Viagra” will meet the needs of the stores in terms of car purchases, advances in inventory, and inventory revitalization. At present, the ""Ultracar"" single store up to 3 million yuan credit, follow-up will also be on the store's financial, advances and other aspects of the empowerment to do further upgrades.
From the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and the consumption port, if the smooth progress of development, this will be a virtuous circle. “Elite” accelerates its expansion and upgrades the sales capabilities of the entire network to realize the incitement of OEMs in the OEM market. It will improve customer satisfaction at the same time with high quality and affordable prices, and consumers’ trust will greatly increase the brand’s sales. value.