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The dream of a new energy car, the green car on the road!

"This is an era in which time has created heroes, and an opportunity to change destiny; this is an era of subversion of the way of life, and it is also an era in which we carry forward.
The real economy has continued to fall, and the virtual economy has bucked the trend. Under the pressure of the global economic downturn, all walks of life are struggling to find new ways to change. Internet +, cross-border integration, industrial upgrading ..... Behind these hot words, the automotive industry, which is the pillar of national industry, is pursuing innovation.
Technological innovation drives a better life. On May 31, the “2018 International Conference on Innovative Applications of New Energy Automobiles and Composite Materials” was held in Hangzhou on the month of the month. This is a large-scale international symposium hosted by Zhejiang Huajiang Automobile Thermoplastic Composite Material Research Institute. More than 300 experts and entrepreneurs from home and abroad participated.
At the forum, Dr. Ma Guowei, the president of the Institute, expressed his passion: The ultra-lightweight material successfully developed has been applied to new energy vehicles. It has not only achieved ultra-lightweight, but also greatly improved mechanical properties; Japanese expert Fujii Prof. Tong Yi reported: How to use bamboo fiber composites for health and environmental protection in new energy vehicles. The seminar focused on new energy vehicles, discussed lightweight technology innovation, and tandem the new energy auto vehicle industry chain.
For a country and an area, the importance of the auto industry is self-evident. The upstream and downstream related industries involved are extremely large. As the world’s largest auto market, China strengthens its innovation system and attaches importance to new energy vehicles. The development attaches importance to the upgrading of automobiles from “manufacture” to “intellectual-made” and expands the opening of the automotive market. This is not only of great interest to China but also to the whole world. There is no doubt that new energy vehicles will continue to develop rapidly. As of the end of 2017, China has cumulatively promoted over 1.8 million new energy vehicles, accounting for half of the global promotion. With the continuous advancement of new energy automotive technologies, continuous breakthroughs in lightweight and key manufacturing technologies, and continuous improvement in charging facilities, new energy vehicles will continue to show rapid growth in the future. There is no doubt that whoever occupies the world of innovation, research and development, and intellectual creation will have the world of the future automobile market.
As a company that aims to build an ecosystem of value-based symbiotic social automobile industry, the company takes responsibility for the rise of the national automotive industry, actively implements national policies, focuses on top-level design, uses technological innovation as its soul, and creates a creative industrial model. In order to highlight, vigorously promote the low-carbon, intelligent and informatization of the new energy industry, create a new energy automotive technology innovation enterprise that integrates R&D, design, vehicle production, sales, and service of new energy vehicles, focusing on solving people's smart mobile. The multidimensional needs of life, build a smart mobile life sharing ecosystem.
Under the concept of intelligent vehicle manufacturing, GreenChip Automotive has developed an end product that meets the needs of smart mobile life and has become an important part of the strategic implementation. To this end, GreenChip follows the concept of ""whole vehicle + three power"" and the new energy vehicle development sequence of the car + Internet, and adheres to the idea of ​​taking the vehicle as the first, through the core concept of creating mainly and manufacturing as auxiliary, through intelligent design. And Smart Manufacturing launched a smart car.
In terms of technical system construction, GreenChip Automotive has achieved a globalized layout in the vehicle R&D, global platform architecture and modularization, smart driving research and motor technology development.
In a comprehensive view, GreenChip Automotive is implementing intelligent product launches along the planning time step by step, and the rich product line also shows full-scale coverage of new energy automotive categories. Obviously, GreenChip is activating the market and realizing the construction of a mobile smart life from different consumption dimensions and needs.
Culture depends on precipitation, civilization depends on accumulation, and technology depends on innovation. Innovation is the real driving force behind a country’s continuous development and continuous improvement. In the United States, as timelines change, R&D and innovation are increasingly decentralized. In the past, they mainly relied on large companies to invest in innovation and R&D, and gradually shifted to small companies and individuals. The most fundamental reason is knowledge and information, especially data. The deep and open resources are no longer monopolized by big companies and large organizations, and are no longer the patents of elites, thus enabling innovation and R&D to flourish. The United States ""car madman"" Musk made electric vehicles Tesla, also from small to large.
In today's China, innovation has become a consensus. After the new energy vehicle innovation starts again, China also needs Musk and needs Tesla. In the automotive industry, especially the new energy automotive industry, it is necessary to invest in investment, R&D, R&D, R&D, innovation, innovation, and innovation.