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The new Lamborghini concept car may be named in Asterion

Nick Martin 2014-09-27 14:47:52
"    Recently, foreign media reports,LamborghiniWill release a new concept car, the new car will be called Asterion or at the opening of the Paris Motor Show on October 2.

According to reports, this year September 15 Rambo Nicky Asterion name has been registered to the European Patent Office, the word Asterion is a maze of Tauren guards guarding the meaning in Greek mythology. This registration also allows a positive media speculation that this will be the name of the concept car.

From the trailer map view, the new car is very smooth lines, using a tilt angle larger windshield, fender somewhat later uplift, which also incorporates intake. Version of the new car will be a four-seater, but more specific information is not particularly clear, we will continue to focus on you.

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