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lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Audi A4L A5 ST-DV460lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Audi A4L A5 ST-DV460lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Audi A4L A5 ST-DV460lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Audi A4L A5 ST-DV460lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Audi A4L A5 ST-DV460lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Audi A4L A5 ST-DV460

lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Audi A4L A5 ST-DV460

  • ST-DV460
  • (click on the picture above to view larger image)
  • Car DVD GPS For AUDI A4L A5 Q5 2009 Onwards
For AUDI A4L A5 Q5 ( 09 years later )
1. DVD, DVD-RW, CD, MP3, MP4, DIVX, JPG-CD Player
2. Full-function touch.
3. USB port, I POD, support video IPOD playing .
4. External multi-disc box disc can function, CDC
5. Digital TV, DVB-T, CMMB, (optional)
6. Digital Bluetooth, support telephone upload music, full-function touch control.
7. External AUX input
8. Support the original car parking, reversing and CCD reaview
9. Support for external display head (2-way)
10. GPS, 3D navigation, SIRF components, rapid positioning, high accuracy, (533MHZ) frequency, support to all the maps of market, support audio, video playback, built-in electronic dog, and speeding remind to during day driving mode , night mode.
11. Support digital time display
12. Dual-core design, dual zone and 3 areas work, GPS navigation can radio and DVD player, without disturbing each other, not destroy, not change the original car lines
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