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lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Benz NEW C200 ST-202lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Benz NEW C200 ST-202lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Benz NEW C200 ST-202lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Benz NEW C200 ST-202

lsqSTAR Car Dvd for Benz NEW C200 ST-202

  • ST-202
  • (click on the picture above to view larger image)
  • Benz NEW C200

Desription for Benz C200
Screen display: 6.2 inch TFT-LCD SCREEN   
Aspect Ratio: 16:9   
Resolution: 800
Product Function: AUX_ in
Blue Tooth  
Operation Function: Operated by remote control and intelligent touch-screen
Operation System: Using ARM9 series of embedded processors, running  
system is WinCE5.0  
Graphical Interfaces: Full ranges of animation operation UI interfaces, using   High-definition true color digital display technology. The color reduction or   Response speed is very good, showing off the high-definition fidelity  
TV System: optional (analog TV, digital TV)   
Languages Shown: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English   
Automobile Inspection: Parking video input detection, steering wheel controls,   Hand brake image control, electronic dog detection, GPS navigation voice   activity detection  
Radio: 30 preset Radio Stations (FM: 30/AM: 10)   
Support Disc: DVD
DVD-RW, etc.   
External Connection model: Sanyo CDC, Apple IPOD   
Applicable Cars: Mercedes_Benz C200  
Power input:DC+12V  
Working Temperature: -20
Power Consumption: about 80W


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