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Common faults of car navigation systems and Solutions

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, people buy cars are more and more. People go toa shopping trip, to be used in navigation, the navigator'sdemand is also growing. But the navigator is electronic products, in the use of the process will inevitably be fault such or in that way. Probability and the fault generally in the use ofsix months to a year or so.

Faults: when using the navigator, touch screen no reaction

1 on the navigation screen to calibrate;

2 check the protective film have a look, is it right? Put it;

3 on the navigation screen cleaning;

Fault two: navigator search not to signal


1 re connection and navigator map port adapter;

The 2 signal to the relatively strong local search again;

3 the navigator inside the map information re set;

Fault three: not normally into the map


1 to set the navigation path;

2 the navigator map settings;

Fault four: navigator.


1 restart navigator;

2 may be the navigator system problems, the system reinstalled under the navigator;