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The researchers developed a new generation of automotive navigation

2013-08-15 09:34:17

As the European Galileo global navigation satellite system(GNSS) for accelerating the deployment of the United States,as well as the global navigation system (GPS) to reach aglobal navigation service cooperation agreement, the EUwere to accelerate the process of research and developmentof various kinds of service of satellite navigation system,including the emerging service. In recent years, the road traffic indicator for vehicle navigation based on the development of popularization and application, more andmore widely, has become for travelers, business people and tourists, an important part of daily life and even walkingpedestrians. The EU Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7) transportation theme funded in part by theresearch of integrated circuit, by the German FraunhofAssociation (Fraunhofer IIS) leadership, EU member statesthe main research institutions, electronic industry and automobile manufacturing enterprises to participate in theEuropean GAMMA-A research and development team, focus on the advantages of resources in a very short period of time,research and development the by far the world's most advanced car navigator, more safe and reliable and best price.

Satellite navigation includes three key elements: accurate positioning of longitude, latitude and altitude. But because some steep mountains area or the city built-up area orarranged in a crisscross pattern Road Interchange, signalnavigation receiver could fall sharply, including the speed of the car may have influence on the positioning accuracy.GAMMA-A R & D team using the current world's mostadvanced technology, the compact designed to optimize theinternal structure of automobile navigator of the world's most advanced, increased the part of digital signal processing andsensing function and multi frequency signal receiving device(also receives the GNSS/GPS/+ not to navigation signal). In addition, also increased the micro processing system can be used to adjust and optimize the various signal (SEMS).

The GAMMA-A team has developed a prototype carnavigator, has passed the test embedded inside the car:higher safety and reliability; the original 1 meters navigationerror less than 10 cm; reduce the driving accident rate;promote unmanned navigation; automatic parking systemmore reliable; even at the crucial moment can assist to savelives and property. More concise, compact internal structure of multi frequency receiver and excellent product serviceprice, the micro - and Nano Electronics Industry andinformation and communication technology (ICT) to helpindustry.