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The purchase of the two or three line of the city car market will become the main direction of attac


When the car started to Wuhan purchase? This estimate is a lot of Wuhan citizens recently considerable concern, and thisalso let Jiangcheng automobile sales prospects become less defined. Reporter recently learned that through the visit,although the purchase order still seem a bit far, but many car dealers have already save, in Wuhan surrounding city layout.The industry is expected, the next three years, the three line of the city such as Yichang, Huanggang, Xiaogan and other places, the car sales will overtake wuhan.

The two or three line of the city has gradually become themain battlefield

It is understood, in addition to Shanghai, Beijing, Guiyang,Guangzhou has achieved the ""auto purchase limit"" policy,Wuhan, Shenzhen, Lanzhou, Chengdu, ""the wind citypurchase of cars"" increasingly tight. According to experts,Beijing ""limited licensing Yaohao"" a year, took the Beijing's automobile production and sales of at least the overall low 5 percentage points, according to industry experts estimate,Guangzhou a car purchase of that at least Guangzhou car city low monthly rate of 1.5%-2%. But experts estimate,Wuhan once the purchase, not better than Guangzhou.Experts predict, focus on the automotive market for thefuture, will speed up the transfer to two or three line city. After all, Wuhan City car market is relatively saturated, oncesuffered a car purchase limit line and many other constraintspolicy, the two or three line of the city market, come very naturally become the main direction of car.

Relevant data shows, in recent years, the domestic first-tier cities car sales continue to decline in the proportion of sales,and the two or three line of the city accounted for in a steady rise. Since this year, car prices in Jiangcheng around themovement again and again. The first move is an independent brand, GAC Chuan Qi, Dongfeng Fengshen, Geely and other independent brands will expand its business in Yichang,Huangshi, Xiaogan etc.. Prior to this, Dongfeng Fengshenhigh-rise accepts reporter when the interview said, ""Wuhan isour base camp, but the development potential of the surrounding city, who first occupied the market, who can be inCentral China's automobile market share advantage.""

The car prices are expected to be more transparent

Mr. Gao, China Automotive Technology and Research Center, said: ""after the Beijing purchase limit, not far from theBeijing Tianjin automobile market is developed, to buy a carthere is a large part of the owner in Beijing. Perhaps this occurs after the purchase will be in wuhan.""

Auto analyst Pang said, two or three line city car competition,may lead to car prices more transparent, this is a good thing for the owners, ""we not only can choose where to purchase a car, at the same time, the fierce market competition can promote the automobile further price transparency,enterprises must have more energy to after sale service andsales discount, the owner is a good thing. Of course, I thinkwhen the purchase of Wuhan, Jiangcheng metro should havelead in all directions, walking function of vehicle will be cut further.""