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The automobile industry is an antitrust investigation

2013-08-15 09:44:56

JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Xue Linlin) yesterday, saidChina Automobile Circulation Association assistant deputy secretary-general Luo Lei when accepting a reporter to interview, since last year, the automobile circulation association has with the development and Reform Commission on the automobile industry the existence ofmonopoly problems are investigated, and the establishment of a special investigation and discussion groups, not regularlysubmit investigation of periodic reports to the commission.

It is reported, the national development and Reform Commission is investigating whether the automobilemanufacturers minimum retail price for the dealer, the report data Automobile Association is collecting car price to the development and reform commission. Luo Lei said, the object of anti-monopoly investigation not only imported car brands,domestic car in the same survey. It is understood, profits orprofit for domestic luxury car or imported cars do not focus onthe investigation, but the automaker is for dealers setminimum retail price, whether such as abuse of dominant market position in some monopoly behavior.

Luo Lei introduces, since the survey began last year, the association set up a special investigation group, the groupnot only within the association, also including some experts and lawyers and other professionals, has not regularly to the development and Reform Commission submitted many periodic report, but Luo Lei refused to disclose the contents of the report period.

Investigation has been going on for nearly a year, as to when the end, Luo Lei said, at present, the association is cooperating with the investigation to collect relevant data, this is not a time node, monopoly on automobile industry the Association concerned will continue, it will become a daily work of the automobile circulation association.

For the development and Reform Commission launched an antitrust investigation of the reasons, the automobile industryLuo Lei explained, recent investigation is not only about anti monopoly in the automotive industry, the relevant state departments to milk powder, gold jewelry industry as an anti - monopoly investigation and a corresponding ticket. According to the association insiders, an antitrust investigation of thepolicy of auto industry has caused some luxurious importedcar brand shock, fear as investigation object, even the inventory coefficient some car prices on the associationgeneral release also expresses concern.