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Beijing rental company annual examination of the poor rating will be cut car


Beijing city traffic law enforcement corps published monthlybulletin for taxi illegal processing conditions, the taxi driverwas included in the ""black list"" for serious violations, eachincluded a driver into the black list, taxi companies will be a reduction of 5 double bus index. Vehicle index reduced downto flow between the high-quality rental business.

The taxi driver, mismanagement, serious irregularities into the""blacklist"" under such circumstances, the taxi companies havecut vehicle index of punishment in the annual assessment.Recently, ""the main assessment responsibility supervision measures to implement the Beijing municipal taxi companies(for Trial Implementation)"" issued, ""measures"" clear main responsibility of taxi business enterprise should bear in the rental industry, illegal taxi companies face administrative punishment step, the performance of outstanding enterprisesmay be increased vehicle index and other policy support.

Called for the strengthening of the peak shift handovermanagement

""Approach"" the regulatory assessment content mainly divided into the responsibility of enterprises and enterprises to themanagement of drivers, a total of 16. As many as 11enterprises the main responsibility of the enterprise in the operation management and other aspects of the job.

Among them, enterprises are required to strengthen themanagement of the peak shift. Earlier, the peak operating income of low cost high, many taxi drivers are selected in thepeak hours shift. In the price adjustment, to ease theproblem, but the morning and evening rush hour taxi difficultsituation is not reversed. While the peak shift of the system isthat the number of ensuring Peak Road vehicles.

Ensure drivers in bad weather out

Many taxi drivers said, in rain, snow and other inclement weather is not willing to drive, because once the traffic accident, not only the next few days cannot operation, at the same time they also need to ""money"". In view of this phenomenon, ""approach"" provides rental business tomeasures of bad weather and a special time dispatchoperation management and logistics support, and improve the emergency support incentive mechanism, repair damageto solve emergency support vehicle.

Prior to this, this newspaper had reported to expose the sale of meter and supporting the invoice trading market.""Measures"", the leasing company is required to establish and perfect the bill management system, and through scientific and technological means to prevent the loss of negotiable instruments. Rental companies need to strengthen science and technology information management application, throughsatellite positioning system control the operation of vehicles,and for all drivers allotted unified meter IC card and master the operation condition.

""Means"" clear requirements, enterprises will turnout rate callrate, the rate of complaints (response rate with complaints),rate of violate the rules and regulations (including seriousviolation rate) data into the performance evaluation, at the same time the implementation of call service appointmentcommitment, through incentives to encourage the taxi driver""orders"" call, and accept the dispatch center dispatch callorder.

With a ""record"" personnel

In signing the driver management, enterprises are required to pay the social insurance, the driver full fuel subsidies and job subsidies, and held the two regular meeting at least once a month. For before because service not specification is to terminate the labor contract of the original enterprisepersonnel, ""measures"" provisions ""careful examination,careful recruitment"".

In addition, if the service level of the taxi business operation is too bad, and obtained the promotion in the rectification is not,or there is a sign of serious violations of taxi driver service,transportation management departments have the right toorder the company to suspend business for rectification.


Indicators of liquidity in other companies.

Evaluation and regulation to natural annual appraisal cycle,each year from January 1st to December 31st, according tothe monthly statistics, Ji Duzi examination and annualassessment rating. The average annual examination results for the 4