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Five methods of car navigation

  • Source:www.cardvd-wholesale.com
  • Release on:2013-10-16

Five methods of choosing car navigation


Method 1:Watching the navigation screen size and material

Now, the most common GPS navigator screen size is 5 inches and 7 inches. In general, a 5-inch screen size is sufficient. If the owners need to use the audio and video entertainment, other features such as rear view, the best choice is 7-inch car navigator.

For the navigation screen material, resistive screen and capacitive screen is actually no obvious good or bad, depending on the input preferences and frequency can be selected, in addition to outside input navigation address, perform other frequently for gaming entertainment, web browsing and other operations, select input a smoother capacitive screen is certainly wiser.

Shenzhen LSQ Star Electronic Co., Ltd. car DVD navigation has thousands of different kinds of models, and a variety of screen sizes,but also uses the most fluent capacitive screen material.

Methods 2, Watching navigator smooth degree  

In the purchase of car navigation, the owner must pay attention to the navigator in touch screen sensitivity, operation fluency. If the system picture of map software running not fluently, then prove that the effect is not very good, not fluent. Note that, if the navigation function have too much, will reduce the speed of the navigation system.

Car modification master reminded that some cottage car GPS navigator brand, in order to attract consumers to buy, navigation products were added a lot of fancy features deliberately. In fact, these functions are not only no practical value, but also will reduce the operating speed of navigation.

Shenzhen LSQ Star Electronic Co., Ltd.  car DVD navigation,all of the original factory direct sales, welcome customers to visit our factory production process, procurement, manufacturing, testing full transparency, running smooth speed class.

Methods 3, Watching navigator anti-counterfeit labels  

Free upgrade genuine map general body products have anti-counterfeit labels, the friends of owners can choose query according to the label’s website, telephone etc.

Shenzhen LSQ Star Electronic Co., Ltd. navigation maps are provided by the original manufacturer, in case of program errors and reasons, there are professional engineers to help solve.

Methods 4, Watching navigator after sale service  

So far, most portable navigation devices on the market in appearance, functionality are not much difference basically, after sale service is an important indicator for many users choose to buy, maps upgrade costs, upgrade, hardware warranty and other aspects of aging must be considered to select a subsection quality, service guaranteed brand navigator is definitely a wise move.

Shenzhen LSQ Star Electronic Co., Ltd. automotive DVD,navigation is a 10-year-old company, feeling the numerous old customers support, we will give you better and better after-sales experience.

Methods 5, Watching Car Navigator price  

Car navigator price between $ 800-2000, the quality is relatively good, and the hardware configuration is also relatively rich enough to meet we usually go out to use, and the performance is relatively stable over time. The price of the car navigation systems cost-effective.

Shenzhen LSQ Star Electronic Co., Ltd. car DVD navigation,belonging to the original factory direct sales, great value for money.