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Guess the Chinese automobile market and look forward to 2014

2014-01-22 10:45:55

Universal car networking

From the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we can easily discerned on the mobile Internet is accelerating the integration of the automotive industry . In fact, it is not just the trend of the global market , in 2014 , Chinese vehicle networking technology and equipment will usher in a wide range of applications , commercial and popularize Chinese 4G mobile network for the popularization and development of vehicle networking technology provides the foundation .

Car networking stuff is nothing new , as early as a few years ago , GM OnStar OnStar , Toyota has been the first to carry GBook on domestic models , and later became the first Roewe car will be loaded interconnected system brands. After this, such as BMW interconnect driving concept cloud caused by an increasing number of cars and other networking systems have been loaded into the car.

More conventional car networking equipment will focus on automotive safety or navigation , and now , it is the car into a mobile terminal : sign , micro-Bo , the public comment ...... these need to be completed by the previous social entertainment smartphone has been taken over by a car . BMW interconnect driving , for example, users can rely on call centers in addition to remote unlock , remote start , emergency and other traditional functions, and cell phone synchronization navigation, listen to FM watercress so alone.

On the other hand , as of now Shanghai GM's MyCadillac, BMW BMW Internet phone software applications have been able to achieve control of the vehicle , thanks to networking, mobile terminals car control cars will become increasingly common.

In addition to car manufacturers own unique vehicle networking technology , another technology companies are also trying to enter the car - Apple , although the traditional car companies are reluctant to Apple's domination of its powerful car software, but has been officially launched by the Chevrolet brand Apple siri functionality integrated car.