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2014 The “spring rush”Of China

2014-01-17 17:53:10

2014 Spring Festival starts from today , expected to exceed 3.6 billion passenger trips

2014 Spring Festival kicked off today , continuing until February 24 JCP 40 days . Passenger traffic is expected to reach 3.623 billion passengers , an increase of more than 200 million passengers in 2013 . Railway authorities said that this year the capacity contradictions are still prominent , the situation is still difficult to get a ticket exists , fares remain unchanged. 12306 ticket website will also be real-name system in the end, to combat cyber cattle .

Railway Corporation usher first big test capacity contradictions are still outstanding

2014 Spring Festival is the first spring after the establishment of the China Railway Corporation , is separating their first encounter after the test .

14 afternoon, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy Lianwei Ren Orleans State Council Information Office held a press conference at the said preliminary forecast this year will reach 3.623 billion passenger trips , an increase of 200 million passengers last year.

Hu Yadong , deputy general manager , said Railway Company , 2014 Spring Festival railway passengers is expected to send 258 million passengers, an increase of 7.9% , "" in the pre-holiday rush , especially migrant flows , visiting relatives , students stream height overlay, rail transport contradiction between capacity and demand is still very prominent . ""

On key issues in the pre-holiday traffic overlay lead to insufficient capacity , the railway company said it would take a short stop at the security chief during the spring , the length is applied , the North -South car , tap the potential of other ways to overhaul the focus on solving the peak passenger flow during the spring .

It is reported that , in order to alleviate the "" hard to get a ticket ,"" the new railway mileage in the last year , new delivery mileage of more than 5500 km of high-speed railway mileage of the new deliveries over 1300 km .

At present, China 's railway mileage has more than 100,000 km , including the high-speed railway operating mileage of more than 10,000 kilometers , has increased dramatically in recent years, the overall rail capacity . The new line of hand delivery, to increase the carrying capacity ; the other hand, last year, 190 groups Railway Company EMU procurement , purchasing more than 2,000 new passenger cars , which will be put into operation among railway