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Three types of new energy vehicles will be exempt from purchase tax benefit most from its own brand

  • Author:Tencent car
  • Source:Tencent car
  • Release on:2014-07-10

[Summary] Since 1 September 2014 to the end of 2017, to be licensed in China sales (including imports) of pure electric and plug-qualifying hybrid (including increased program), three types of new energy vehicles, fuel cells, free vehicle purchase tax levy.

[Tencent Automotive (Microblogging) Reported complete original contingent] new energy automotive industry good news continued. Following the increase subsidies, preferential policies given license to accelerate the charging pile construction, the decision to exempt from the new energy automotive vehicle purchase tax was adopted at a State Council executive meeting. New Wave or development of new energy vehicles will be coming soon.

From September three new energy vehicles will be exempt from vehicle purchase tax

July 9, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting. The meeting decided thatSince September 1, 2014 to the end of 2017, to obtain licenses sold in China (including import) of pure electric and plug-qualifying hybrid (including increased program), three types of new energy vehicles, fuel cells, exemption vehicle purchase tax.Relevant departments should pay close attention to the development of the directory publishing models.

The meeting stressed that the development of new energy vehicles is the transformation of our transportation energy strategy, an important measure to promote the construction of ecological civilization. Support for new energy vehicles, the development of strategic emerging industries, for the implementation of the innovation-driven, promote energy conservation and pollution prevention, stimulating domestic demand and cultivate new growth points, to achieve industrial development and environmental protection ""win-win"" is important.

Currently, when consumers buy vehicles, new energy vehicle purchase tax consistent with the ordinary fuel vehicles.

According to China's relevant regulations, when consumers buy a vehicle, you need to pay the vehicle purchase tax. Domestic car purchase fee is 10% of the purchase price after deducting the amount of VAT, the formula is: = car purchase costs invoiced / 1.17 * 10%. And the amount of the purchase costs of imported cars are the prices (including customs duties and excise taxes) of 10%.

Currently in the domestic market can buy pure electric vehicles, the majority of the 10,000 in the 15-30 range. After removing the central subsidies and local subsidies, most cars priced at more than ten million. A rough calculation based on the rate equation, when the vehicle purchase tax to be reduced, the purchase of a new domestic energy vehicles will be able to save million yuan.

Industry analysts pointed out that the current pace of development of new energy vehicles lower than expected, the new energy vehicle purchase tax relief if substantial, will effectively reduce consumer purchase costs and promote new energy vehicle sales growth. With the electric vehicle purchase tax exempt, the development of new energy automotive industry is expected to further accelerate.

Nowadays popular new energy models help develop policy recommendations

Give their own brands to maximize positive

Prior incentives and different is the reduction of the vehicle purchase tax good policy not to exclude imports of new energy vehicles, which is the country's new energy vehicles imported cars involved in financial subsidy policy precedent. 10% reduction of the prices of imported car purchase tax for consumers will greatly reduce the cost of their car, which for imported brands to promote new energy vehicles in China has played a good role in promoting.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that in China's new energy vehicle market, pure electric car sales has always dominated. According to publicly available data, in 2013 China's new energy automobile production and sales were 17,553 and 17,642, including pure electric car production and sales were 14,243 and 14,604, almost new energy automobile production and sales accounted for 80% In the field of pure electric vehicle market, the vast majority are own-brand cars, such as Beiqi E150EV,BYDE6, Teng potential,JianghuaiiEV andRoewe(Microblogging) E50, etc., can be said that China is almost pure electric vehicles are own-brand models ""occupation."" From this perspective, the development of new energy vehicles in this sea of ​​blue, from a policy perspective, given its own brand is still the greatest degree of good.

Another point worth noting is that in the vehicle purchase tax exempt from the new energy vehicles in the range, does not include ordinary hybrid vehicles. Despite the common hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid cars, same with better fuel efficiency, but it does not belong to the ""new energy vehicles"" category in the country's new energy vehicle plan, but belongs ""fuel-efficient cars,"" it is difficult to enjoy the preferential policies of the country.

According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2013, China's non-plug-in hybrid vehicle production 14,500, sales of 15,100. Wherein onlyLexusCT200h had annual sales of close to 9000, total sales accounted for almost lowering their prices. If you addCamry• Respect the Swiss,PriusAnd other hybrid models,Toyota""Hegemony"" position in the Chinese market in the ordinary hybrid no one can shake. Immediately after Toyota was ""excluded"" in the vehicle purchase tax exempt from outside the scope of its short term development of China will undoubtedly have some impact.

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Pure electric vehicles: pure electric vehicles (Blade Electric Vehicles, referred BEV), which is the source of the car completely powered by a rechargeable battery (such as lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries or lithium ion batteries).

On behalf of models: Beiqi E150EV, BYD E6, Teng potential, the promise E1, Beiqi C70GB, JAC and Yue iEV and Roewe E50, Tesla Model S (import)

Plug-in (including growth program) Hybrid Cars: Plug-in hybrid cars (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, referred PHEV) is a new type of hybrid electric vehicles. Different from hybrid and electric drive combines the power of conventional gasoline, plug-in hybrid drive principle, the drive unit and electric cars are the same, It is called a hybrid, is the kind of car equipped with a rechargeable battery engine. Electric car program is a vehicle equipped with a ground power supply function charging and pure electric drive electric cars, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles. Its power system consists of battery power system, power drive systems, vehicle control systems and auxiliary power systems (APU) components.

On behalf of models: snow Folan Wo Landa, BYD Qin,BMWi8 (import)

Fuel cell vehicles: fuel cell electric vehicle is the use of electrical energy in hydrogen and oxygen in the air in the role of a catalyst in fuel cells produced by the electrochemical reaction, and as a major source of power-driven vehicles. Fuel cell electric vehicle is essentially an electric car, the body, powertrain, control systems, fuel cells, electric vehicles, electric vehicles and general basically the same, the main difference is the battery works. Generally, the fuel cell is an electrochemical reaction by chemical energy into electrical energy, the desired electrochemical reaction of hydrogen generally used reducing agent, the oxidizing agent used is oxygen, so the earliest development of the fuel cell electric vehicle is more direct use of hydrogen fuel, storage of liquefied hydrogen can be hydrogen, compressed hydrogen or metal hydrides like.

Representatives of models:Run quicklyClass B F-CELL (import)

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