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2014 Imperial EC7 Exposure is expected on the 27th of this month listed

2014-07-10 17:33:56

Summary] Currently, the 2014 models Dorsett EC7 configuration information is officially exposure, which is the car the whole system comes standard with a keyless entry / one button start system, but also equipped with a new 1.3T turbocharged engine, and is expected in the 7 27 days on sale.

Keywords: 2014Paragraph Imperial EC7, equipped with the new 1.3T engine, the whole system comes standard with keyless entry / one button start system, or July 27 listed

Edit Perspective:Introduced 1.3L turbocharged engine and comes standard with keyless entry / start system allows a key Dorsett EC7 improved a lot, but also give consumers synchronization hatchback and sedan product more choices. In fact, Dorsett models in four-tier cities still more attention, just look EC7 have a more affordable price after the upgrade.

Recently, domestic media exposure models 2014 Dorsett EC7 specific configuration information, and said that the new car will go on sale this month or 27 days. It is reported that the new car in the design were minor upgrade, but the whole system comes standard with keyless entry and push start system is a major attraction and a new facelift 1.3T turbocharged 1.8L to replace the natural absorption of cash gas engines.


2014 Beijing Auto Show (Microblogging) In the debut of the new hatchback version of the model Dorsett EC7

Models, the 2014 Imperial EC7 hatchback will be launched aboard the two displacement 1.5L and 1.3T total 6 models, namely 1.5L 5MT fashion model, 1.5L 5MT elite, 1.5L CVT elite, 1.3 T 6MT elite, 1.3T CVT 1.3T CVT elite and distinguished type; while the sedan is launched seven models, compared to the hatchback on more than a 1.3T 6MT distinguished type. All models are available mica red, ice white, clear blue, coral and yellow edge the five body colors. In addition, the length and breadth were hatchback 4425mm/1789mm/1470mm, sedan was 4631mm/1789mm/1470mm, the same wheelbase 2650mm, the difference with the current model is not large, but the wheelbase is identical.


Part of the 2014 Imperial EC7 hatchback configuration information


Part of the 2014 Imperial EC7 sedan configuration information

Configuration, the 2014 Imperial EC7 current model configuration has greatly improved compared to, especially without the whole system comes standard with keyless entry, a key to start the system and 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen, intelligent trip computer and other configurations is to enhance the market competitiveness of the car. At the same time, in addition to the daily basic configuration, the whole system (except for the minimum allocation models outside) is also equipped with a key pinch electric sunroof, 7 inches large screen multimedia player, G-Link Geely phone interactive features, HDMI, Bluetooth function, voice control, wireless hotspot functionality, high-capacity internal hard drive, automatic climate control system, reversing radar, reversing visual images, and other more practical and technical configurations.


2014 Imperial EC7 models of the interior design

Power, the 2014 Imperial EC7 continuation 1.5L naturally aspirated engine on the current model, while the new new 1.3T turbocharged engine, to replace the cash the 1.8L naturally aspirated engine. 1.5L engine which is still able to provide maximum 80kW (109Ps) power output, and maximum torque of 140Nm and match the five-speed manual and CVT CVT. The new 1.3T engines were the largest 98kW (133Ps) power output and 185Nm of torque, maximum torque is more than the cash the 1.8L engine and 6-speed manual match and CVT CVT. According to official data, a comprehensive manual models hundred kilometersFuel consumptionFor the 5.7L, CVT version was 5.9L.